Why technology is good for daily lives.

How technology help us in our daily lives?

Technology has a lot of positive reasons for which we have to use technology. Technology have gained its massive position in today’s world.
technology is good because it saves time, it saves money, it saves cost of transport and it have reduced human work and so on.
here I have visited a 10 reasons why technology is good and how technology helps us in our daily life.

  • we can actually make a daily schedule in mobile phones which will give a decent results in managing daily programs. There are plenty of mobile apps for creating shopping list and creating a timetable for daily routine.
  • Online payment has become very famous to busy businessmans. It has become very easy to pay electricity or water bills online. It saves transport cost and time.
  • The best part of technology is communication. We knew once people use pigeons to send messages but we actually don’t know whether the pigeon will reach its destination. But now with the technology we can talk by seeing each others face. If we have to cancel any order from a shop We can cancel the order by texting or just a phone call.
  • With the advanced technology we can monitor GPS.Google maps offer the best digital app which can tell you where you are and famous restaurants, hotels, top schools or even gas stations nearby you. Google maps will be very helpfull for who going out to unknown places.

Family locators are different and I have told it in my previous post read it.

  • Now there are apps by which teachers can keep parents updated about school news and parents don’t need to visit the school daily. Classdojo is of this kind which will help teachers to keep contact with the parents.
  • Doctors are now able to communicate with their patients with the help of online video calls. Skype is the famous one for this purpose. So doctors can always keep contact with the patient. This is how technology saves time and life. So, technology is good.
  • Technology will keep us updated about the weather and stay aware of the climate. This is one of the perfect answer for the question “how can technology help in our daily life.”
  • Digital education will help students to do their daily homework. Digital education is a better place where children can learn in their own place and Pace. Many online courses are available on online which will help students in their exams and lessons.
  • Taking notes.who knows when we need to take note of very important phone numbers and address at the place where we don’t have any paper and pen. Technology helps us in this crampy situations.Google keep allows you to take notes whenever we need and it will automatically upload the notes taken into the direct cloud storage which will be safe and not get deleted until we do.
  • Technology saves space in our home. 1990’s is the time where gaming companies got a massive improvement. During that day there were a lot of boxes and large CPU. This boxes and CPU are connected with a plenty of wires. This looked very ugly. But only because of the improvement in technology we now have wireless networks and wireless connections. Even charging doesn’t need wire. wireless chargers are available.

So I would like to conclude that technology is good and it is good for the world. But it can be a bane too  because even though technology help us in our daily life it have created a many problems. It have made human to become lazy so  we  now got diseases, Integrated pollution.

If used wisely technology is good .

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