Why does the nitrogen in the atmosphere don’t preserve food?

Nitrogen is used for preserving the food. We all know that there are 70% of Nitrogen in the atmosphere. Then why do our food get spoilt?
All the packed food items and snacks are following the preserving methods. These foods are dried up and left with zero moisture content which make the food to stay long but nitrogen is the main participant in the process.
Nitrogen are used to preserve the food because it will replace the oxygen from the food packet and prevent the packages to collapse. The n2 gas which is densely used will make no space for other gases to enter. 
We already have 78% of Nitrogen in atmosphere. then why does the nitrogen in the atmosphere don’t preserve the food?
Here are the reasons for;

Why does the nitrogen in the atmosphere don’t preserve food? 

Reason 1: first of all we should understand that nitrogen we use is not actually preserve the food on its own but it will prevent the other cases to enter the food. So so we cannot tell that atmospheric nitrogen will preserve the food because the atmosphere is the place where all the gases are completely mixed. So other gases can also have contact with the food. 

 Reason 2: raw nitrogen is not used in preserving the food. Nitrogen have a lot of compounds like nitrites and nitrates. N2 which is one of a compound of nitrogen is used.

 Reason 3: the weight of the nitrogen is less than other gases so most of the nitrogen is far from the ground. So I think you would know the answer to the question of why does the nitrogen in the atmosphere doesn’t help to preserve the food?

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