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Whatsapp Opening Or Running Slowly? Try This To Fix

Hello to my fellow readers, this is Elango and I am here with interesting methods that would help you if you are a WhatsApp user. Despite having a large storage space, your WhatsApp would open slowly. There are various tech reasons like your mobile processor and various things. But believe when I say this, your WhatsApp is opening slowly because you have got too many WhatsApp messages.

There are various methods to speed up your laggy WhatsApp and we are going to discuss in upcoming lines. I am going to explain a couple of things that you can do to speed up if your WhatsApp is opening slowly. But before we move on guys, please make sure to share this post with your friends if you felt it useful.

1. Clearing Chat messages.

First things first, head over to your WhatsApp and search for groups that you are not using or inactive. You may be unaware of the messages in them or never felt useful. Those messages may not be useful to you anymore. Then why do you keep it in your pocket, just throw it into the bin?

There is an option to clear all the chat messages, but of course, you should make sure that those messages are not useful anymore. Yeah, you won’t get back any messages once you clear them up. You should also make sure that archiving the group won’t help you, while clearing helps you to speed up.

  1. Step:
    • Open any WhatsApp group that you felt it contains a hell lot of messages but not useful anymore.
  2. Step:
    • Click on the menu option from the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Step:
    • Select clear chat and select OK in the next interface. This will clear all the text messages and media chats in the group.

As I already told, archiving a group won’t help you while clearing them will help WhatsApp to load faster. Just do this and open WhatsApp and see, this would already help you if you have cleared enough number of groups. If not let’s try something else.

2. Lots Of Chat Windows.

The next thing you can do is to keep lesser chat windows. Firstly go to WhatsApp and check how many WhatsApp chat windows you have. The more you have, the time WhatsApp takes to load all of your chat windows and the chat messages in them.

I generally prefer to keep about 15 chat windows which are already quite many to manage all of your WhatsApp chats. If you have got 50 and above, its a lot. By deleting these unwanted WhatsApp chat windows, obviously whats app need to load lesser conversation and lesser chats.

Just identify the conversations that are either very old or you don’t need them anymore. Long press on them and hit the delete button. This would definitely help you to speed up your WhatsApp.

Now just by doing the first two things, your WhatsApp should already load faster. If not then maybe you have not deleted enough things. If that’s not the case, we have to do something else.

3. WhatsApp media files.

All your group messages and personal messages have lots of videos and photos. Each time you open your WhatsApp, it has to load all the messages including your videos and photos. WhatsApp has to cycle through all the images when it launches itself.

This could slow down if you have got too many photos or videos. All you can do is by deleting them. Just get over to your gallery and find a folder called WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Videos. Just delete those files that you know useless for sure.

4. Free Up Space In Your Mobile.

It is not the fact for WhatsApp and it may be anything like Facebook or Instagram, these apps need free memory to work fast and clean.

Go to your file manager and just take a glance at it. I am sure you will find some unwanted files that are occupying your storage. Find some big fat useless movies or folders and move them to trash. This would not only speed up your WhatsApp but improve the performance of other apps as well.

If you are using Amazon Prime or Netflix kind of kinds of stuff, delete those offline movies of videos. This would help you a lot in cleaning your phone memory. The very bad habit of mobile users is to store many things that are not going to be useful at any point in their life.

While speaking about cleaning the memory, you can also use cloud storage to save any important documents and memorable photos. Yeah, there is a lot of online storage available for free. You can just use the default Google Drive which comes right out of the box in the majority of the phone. If you just need to manage space, you can check out some of the best temporary storage websites.

5. Reinstall WhatsApp.

If you still not solved the issue or not satisfied with the results, all you can do is uninstalling it. Once again download the latest version from the store. This is the final thing you can do if your whatsApp is still opening slowly. I hope this works, but before uninstalling you should make sure to take backup of any important files.

I hope these methods helped you to speed up your WhatsApp and please make sure to share this post if you end up useful. Also read other interesting articles in ScopeLearner.

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