What Plastics did to the world: plastics are good or bad to the world.

“Plastics are one of the dangerous substance created by humans” that is what everyone’s taught on plastics right now. All the environmentalists and researchers hate plastics because it have already polluted a whole bunch of rivers and lakes, oceans are no exception.

Do you know that plastics are one of the important and essential substance created by human?
Do you know that without plastics the digital world won’t exist?

Yes it is true. Actually plastics don’t create pollution unless you misuse it. Unless you burn it or throw into water bodies it won’t create pollution.

Every individuals you just act as they care for environment just complains that “plastics don’t degrade for 100 + years”. It may be true. That is why I say plastic is an amazing creation of human because humans have just created a substance which won’t degrade for 100+ years. Why shouldn’t we use a substance that will actually stay for 100+ years in a creative way.

Every thing should have a end or it is not good for the world and environment like plastics time for degradation.

Just think of a world without plastics, look around your room and notice all the objects around you which is made
Up of plastics. Now just think How will be your next day if you don’t have those things. some familiar objects maybe the device from which you are reading this article, switch boxes, the wire connection to your house, your pen your watches, if you wore specs then add it in your list. It is nearly impossible to live in digital world without what you have listed.

Actually I am telling that plastics is good but the way how we use plastic is damn wrong. Not every single are creating pollution with plastics but the first step we take can reduce pollution from your generation at least. There are some non renewable plastics Which produced around 80% of the total pollution created by plastics. The plastic covers is the main ingredient in this 80%.

Now just make a calculation how many plastic covers have you and your family have used and thrown on streets, drainages,on the roads and the plastics which you thrown into your plastic pit (where your house and other three houses beside your house Throws into this pit. which actually look like a plastic mountain this is Mainly located on road sides for every four houses) have you make out list of at least 14 plastic bags as an average. Now just calculate for a month, it is 14√ó4(4 weeks for a month)=56. Now calculate for a year which will give an average of 730 plastic covers. Think of how much money you spend on all this covers. Yeah I am sure that you are paying money for plastic covers but you take it serious because the cost may seems low.

In an average let’s keep plastic cover cost Re1(INR) we take Rupees 1 because there are many types of plastic covers which costs come from Re 0.5 to RS 3  so In an average. Then you spent rupees 730 just for class 6 in my head it may be doubled if you do more shopping then average citizen and also we have not considered the plastics which is inside your shopping packets.

Now you may understand the massive amount of plastics that were used only by your family. Then consider about a country.
considered a country with highest population. Is it China?  Not really.
Consider the condition of India. The second largest and the fastest growing population. you may know about the biggest gathering in India that is Kumbh Mela Holi gatherings which is large enough to see from the space.

How much plastic will have all those people just throw around. so from now onwards we should not tell “plastic pollutes environment” we should say “we pollute environment using plastics” sounds crazy right. I am trying to convey the message that unless we recycle plastic we cannot stop the pollution caused by plastics.
 We cannot recycle all the type of plastics but we can recycle more than half type of plastics.

we have already calculated that we spend Rs730 every year for the plastic covers. Now it is the time to be smart. Think of buying some fibre bags just it the costs around RS230 at the most for a whole year. fibre bags are available very easily and won’t tear very soon as a plastic covers. Now just think of ,you saved rupees 500 and environment friendly.

In some state of India particular types of plastics are already banned at the beginning of 2019. This is great right, but actually all the types of plastics cannot be banned completely because we have already discussed why plastic is important for the world at the beginning. Government of India are taking a necessary steps from the beginning of this decade very seriously but actually it seems like they cannot handle the massive of the massive population. what can we do if the population of whole country Russia is in the State of Uttar Pradesh.

But still there are ways by which the government and some smart citizens have brought by which we can actually  use plastics.

High end designers have responded by upcycling discovered objects into unique desirable design pieces. This is possible and already implemented in some developed countries. If you have this in your country then the designers turn plastic into furnitures

You may come across 3D printing from news Or TV spots or free internet. plastics are the main component of 3D printings liquid solution so we can 3D print with plastic.

Plastics are very essential in medical for a type of surgery. Guessed what. Plastic surgery requires plastics which can give a re-design to the body parts.

Every year it is estimated that 15 Million tonnes of plastic wastes are mixed into the ocean and also it can be doubled by the year 2025. This mean 15 million tonnes of plastics are mixing into the sea where we have not added the last 100 years plastics.

There are researchers who work full time for the reuse of plastics. There are also lot of ways by which we can recycle plastics but the problem is the majority of the people don’t send their plastic trash for recycle instead they throw away where ever.
So it is our responsibility to keep clean around us. Use fibre bags and try at the most to recycle the plastics.

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