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What is youtube vanced app: How to use it,Legal or Not?

What is YouTube vanced?

YouTube Vanced is just a modified version of YouTube which provides lots of advanced features that a normal YouTube don’t. So it is just a MOD version of Youtube, which means some component which the official app of Youtube does not gives is provided by the Youtube Vanced app. You will find most of the added features that are expected by YouTube users for a long time.

In this recent days YouTube Vanced had become popular and made most of us to search what is youtube Vanced. It gained its maximum popularity in this android community because of its features like built-in ad blocking, background playback etc.

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Why YouTube Vanced is so popular?

There are many things that made this app so popular. Mainly you can fell like using a normal YouTube app but a premium version of it. You have many good things which can enhance you to use this app. Currently this app is only available for android but it gained a lot of popularity just with android users.

Due to COVID-19, the countries are locking down cities and shutting down stores. YouTube from its side has restricted its users to watch videos at 480p for the maximum. In this situation, YouTube Vanced seem to be the best alternate option to watch videos in high quality again. You will get one of a useful feature, that is Moreover, it youtubes background playback.

The main thing that made this app more popular is just the features that it gives to its users. Those features can never be seen in any other video streaming app for free. However, this app is not available in the play store this is not illegal to use. Probably this time you need not worry about using a modified app on your android device.

Main Features Of YouTube Vanced:

There are many features that overwhelmed its number of users. I have listed out some of the best features in this app which i liked the most and i am sure you also get satisfied. The dark themes look absolutely stunning.

Force HDR Mode:

High Dynamic Range or HDR can offer the extreme quality of video in your mobile. Higher end mobiles and some mid range mobiles got the chance to get HDR support. If your mobile doesn’t have this feature in it then don’t worry from now on because YouTube Vanced can just force and implement HDR in your mobile.

YouTube Vanced can successfully forces nearly all the mobiles in the market but there are very few mobiles which need bug fixes.

Ad Blocker:

Advertisement is the main source of earning for both for the video makers and their platform but most of us hate seeing advertisements. For those people who hate watching ad YouTube vanced comes with a solution.

This app comes with a build in ad blocker and you need not to worry about the advertisements. You can switch it on in the settings to get it working exactly how you want.

Background Playback:

Have you ever wanted your YouTube to keep playing the song you are listening to even after you lock your phone? But sadly it doesn’t have such features for free. That is where YouTube Vanced comes in and rocks the party. Vance can keep playing videos in the background. You can easily toggle the option in the settings. You will get one of a useful feature, that is Moreover, it youtubes background playback. This is one of the features that is included in the premium of the official app but in YouTube vanced you can get it for free.

Zoom In Option:

Currently YouTube has a feature which allows you to zoom in videos just by pinching it. This feature is only available for the devices which have aspect ratio of 18:9 and more. YouTube Vanced allows you to do this on any device with any aspect ratio.

This feature can be used in any android mobiles with any aspect ratio in vanced. You may wonder whether this feature will affect the video quality but most of the reviews tell that it works fine. So, feel free to test down your experience. Moreover, you will get dark themes on your phone.

Pass Out The Restricted Maximum Resolution Of video:

YouTube disables the maximum video quality based on max resolution of your phone. Only higher end mobiles have higher resolution and allows the user to experience the maximum video quality.

vanced forces and gives the maximum video quality of the video that normally turned off. This is one of the feature that have attracted most of the YouTube users.

Mini Video Play Back Styles:

This is a fun feature but makes you comfortable. Long time users know that YouTube had window style of a floating block when minimize your video. Most of the users have adapted to it. For a surprise when the new mini video window came into YouTube many of the users gave feedback to bring back the old style.

Most of us still love the old style. Vanced can offer you this option of choosing between two styles. YouTube removed the old style after the new style but vanced added the new style and made its user to choose in whatever they are comfortable with.

Other Features of YouTube Vanced:

  • Force VP9 or else vice versa
  • Toggle Themes (Dark,White,Black)
  • Casting Toggle.
  • Auto Repeat
  • Picture in picture mode for android version Oreo and above
  • Preferred Speed and resolution
  • Swipe Controls for Brightness and Volume

How To Install YouTube Vanced:

You can download the apk file from the link below. The link I have given is a direct google drive link so don’t worry about scams or advertisements. Here are the download links.

You Can Also Check The Official Website

You can directly download the apk file from the link or you can also check xda forum. For those who don’t know how to download files from the google drive link check the image below.

After downloading the app file from the download links, just install it as you do normally. If you see a message which says Can’t install from unknown sources then read further to enable installs from unknown sources.

Step 1 : Go to settings

Step 2 : Find Additional settings and click on it. Select Privacy.

Step 3: Click and Turn On to allow install from unknown sources

How Connect YouTube Vanced with google account:

To get the best recommendation of videos users try to link their google account with vanced. Moreover you get more supports from the app only if you have an account. But Vanced is not a official google app so there is no direct method to link with google account.

However the app developers developed a additional app called MicroG. You can get it in the link i gave above. Install MicroG as you always install other apps from websites. You should remember that you can’t actually open the app after installing because this works just like a add-on for vanced.

You can’t link your YouTube Vanced with google account until you install MicroG. MicroG works just for signing in the account but even without it the app works fine. So,Install MicroG only if you need to link your account with YouTube Vanced. After installing the MicroG app you can link your Google account just like you do in official YouTube app.

Does YouTube Vanced is illegal to use:

Some people say it is illegal by pointing out the Terms and Conditions of YouTube. Which you agree to comply with when you use the YouTube website. It states that you are not permitted to modify the how a site appears or works. YouTube could make a case on you for violating their terms of service where it says using third-party apps to access or modify the site is a violation.

The other people says Its not unlawful to use YouTube Vanced. Because it doesn’t modify the YouTube web site, however rather it just renders YouTube video on your device. However, if YouTube needed to, I’m certain that they can cause some trouble legally. You will not face any trouble until you use YouTube Vanced just for personal use.

The conclusion is simple. If you don’t bother youtube they wont bother you for using vanced. So until now there is no issues in using youtube vanced in android mobiles. Vanced itself is perfectly safe if you get it from the official site. It’s an excellent app.

For more reference check XDA developers

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