what happens if you play PUBG?

PUBG is known for its popularity gain during last year. many members play pubg G because of its cool features like speaking live to the team mates. 

PUBG is a online multiplayer strategic and shooting game which follow for duo, solo or square play which drops around 100 players in a selected map where you can fight with others and stay  as long as you can and if you are the last player in the map then you win the game.

there are both advantages and disadvantages by playing a game like pubg.
today we will see both advantage and disadvantage by playing PUBG.

Disadvantages for playing pubg:

  • anyone who played for more time will get addicted. so they can’t remember nothing other than winner winner chicken dinner.

  • one who plays pubg more aggressively will be more emotion if they lost the game and they feel helplessness this will create negative impression inside them so they will be very emotion for small to loss to them

  • PUBG can make anyone to addict . According to World Health Organisation playing games by addicting to them is a mental disorder.

  • single match takes up to half an hour. This makes it be time consuming game  And so time consumption will give a lot of bad impression for parents .

Advantages for paying PUBG.
playing a game is the disadvantage from any one point of view but playingPUBG has some sensitive and particular reasons. so Gamers yes I have a advantages for playing pubg so don’t get worried.
  • playing a game like pubg PC needs a lot of hand and mind coordination. so to gain more hand and mind coordination you can play pubg. This is proven in a resurch.

  • Every pro grammar need a lo of memory o predict he enemies movement. If you are a good player in pubg hen you can memorize any thing in your fingertips.

  • playing pubg can make you get out of social media which is  l  moe time consuming than that of PUB.

  • ,Researches have told video game are also improve aiming, thinking power. The video game could also be helpful for those peoples which are suffering from myopia.

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