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Turbo VPN Not Working. Connection Timeout | Easy To Fix

Hello readers, hope you guys do well, may be not. You came here after searching that your turbo VPN not working. Yeah I know how frustrating when your app says connection timeout. In between whatever you are doing.

Well, I came with all the possible issues and possible fixes to make you get out the problems you face with turbo VPN. Even I faced some issues while using turbo vpn eventually.

I have listed most of the Fixes which will even work for other free popular VPN’s like Express VPN. Try to follow the steps very carefully and remember to just pass the fixes if you don’t know how to do it. I say this just because you should not mess up with setting which will lead to network speed drops.

Connection Timeout. Please retry!

This is the most popular problem we use to face in turbo VPN. There are many possible problems to which this message appears. However I have listed the the most popular issues.

There is a time limit probably like 30 seconds where the app tries to connect the vpn. Connection Timeout message is shown when you exceed the limit time because Turbo VPN don’t want to make you wait for too long.

Check your Network connectivity: This is the most popular reason why turbo VPN not working. Probably some of you would use VPN to reduce bandwidth throttling. But you should know that your internet connectivity speed is not enough to connect to different servers.

There is not a major method to fix this problem but however you can try out some simple methods which have worked for some users.

  • Reconnect to your network. You can do this very easily by just turning on and turning off your aeroplane mode of your phone.
  • Try to go to some spots where you get better connectivity than your current spot.
  • Wait for some times and connect when you receive better connectivity. Sounds stupidly but that is all you can do.

If you truly need a best solution to increase your internet speed for various networks try this method. I have listed down clearly how increase your your method.

Clearing Turbo VPN Cache Files Whenever Turbo VPN Not Working:

For some reason the stored cache files stops you from connecting VPN. This app users got positive results from clearing the cache files. So you can also try clearing that. You can even try clearing the data files of Turbo VPN to restart the app.

You can follow the following steps to clear Cache and Data files.

Step 1: Go to your phone settings.

I am using a Redmi mobile so I am going to demonstrate for a Redmi mobiles. But the process is quite similar to all other branded mobiles.

Go to settings
Go to settings

Step 2 : Search and Find Out The Apps Option.

There will be many options to control your mobile in the settings option. Search for Apps in the Search bar or Scroll down to find Apps in the setting menu. Select the Apps option in the Settings menu.

apps in settings
select Apps

Step 3 : Click on Manage Apps.

Turbo VPN is a installed app and it will not be available in system app settings. It will listed in manage apps where you can find all the apps that you have installed. Even default apps that are are installed in your mobile are listed in this section.

select manage apps in settings
Select Manage Apps

Step 4 : Scroll Down And Find Turbo VPN.

You can find tons of apps and you can even see some apps that are not seen your homepage. Those unlisted apps work as addon for your existing system apps so don’t uninstall any thing. Scroll Down until you find Turbo VPN. Click on it to manage the app.

Select turbo vpn in Manage apps
Select Turbo VPN

Step 5 : Select Clear Data at the very Bottom of the screen.

The small button at very bottom right screen says clear data, but don’t worry. In the next option you need to select in between Clear cache or app data.

Select Clear data in turbo VPN
Select Clear Data

Step 6 : Choose Clear Data To restart the app completely or Select clear cache to delete Only Cache files.

You can select in between clear data or clear cache files in the next pop up menu. The recommended option is try to clear the cache files at first and if that doesn’t work then try selecting Clear all Data.

Choose Data Or Cache in clear data
Select Data or cache

Step 7 : Click on ‘OK’ to Complete the process.

From the next option select ok to complete this process. By clicking on it you will be successfully clear the data or cache files respectively.

select ok to clear cache
Select OK

There are many other possible reasons like server break down, over loaded VPN protocol. There is nothing that you can do if those are the reason. It is upto the VPN providers hands.

But you can always change the VPN software. There are many other free VPN software. Try to choose any Best one.

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