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Top mobile apps for earning money on 2020.

Are you too
like me who have tried to earn money through mobile apps and failed to earn atleast a dollar? If yes then don’t worry from now onwards. After my failure to earn money online I keep on searched in internet about the genuine apps and also I have tested it personally and found they are awesome.

Some best apps on Android for earning money.

10.zap surveys.
 You may be very familiar with this app because millions of people already made a millions through this app.
This app is based on clearing surveys. They pay 7 dollor at a maximum for a survey. It is a genuine app which will pay you definitely.I have also used this app and got good results.
At the starting time it will ask many questions about ur profile but don’t get disappointed. I assure it will pay you good.
9.Task buks.
This my another favourite were I made 100 INR in a hour by just doing some tasks like downloading apps and answered some surveys.
You can withdraw using Paytm wallet which is good for recharging you data.
A minimum of 20 INR is required for withdraw which can be taken in a minute if you can referall two members which will make 30 INR. It’s extremely good.
8.  opinion rewards.
What can pay you higher other than Google, yes I’m right. Google opinion rewards is a Googles official app for earning play credit by giving your opinion on many surveys but one drawback is that they pay you only Google play credit which can be used only inside play store.
It will be good for buying movies and books inside play store in higher quality.
This is another app were many people are familiar with and using it. It is in trending for about 10-15 year and paying correct to the users.
This app is a all rounder were you earn by playing games, completing tasks,surveys, watching ad.
This app is one of a high payer in internet. Try it.

This app as a new system of usage. The app has a simple interface were you have to link your credit or debit card and earn 0.1%-2% of the money you spend according to the merchant you pay.
This app initially pay a dollar for signing can also earn 1 dollor by referring your friends. tracker.
This is another incrdincre app same as drop but has a slighter difference. This app can automatically generated 3 USD in your account every month is u use to buy or sell in Amazon. This app tracks you buying and selling in Amazon and pay you money.
They also send a survey by every month and you can earn through it also.

4.App bounty.
This a different app we’re you earn no money but gift cards. You can earn and use your gift cards for redeem of gift you friends.
Gift cards like Google, Amazon,flipcart are available.
Your task is to download the given game and play for the duration mentioned. Also it have many other ways to earning like watching ads. This  is a must try one.
Cash karma is another survey app which gives you ennumberous survey for lifelong.
This have ad viewing and watching video facility. You can also earn through referral.
This app made many of the people to buy royal pass in pubg which costs around 700INR.
This app gives you simple interview and starts earning.
Many of the YouTubers recommend this app in their video so I have also tested it and it works awsoawe. This app provides many facility of earning in one app.
This app also containes games to play and earn.
This app is one of my favorite because of it’s high payment and interface. If you can spend a hour daily then you would have 1000 INR in your hand at end of the week. 
This is a scanning app which allows you to earn cash backs for already buyed products and also online shoppings. What you have to do is just scan the buyed products barcode and earn money. 
This app is already have a relationship between many online and offline merchant. So you don’t have to worry about the payment.
What you have to do is just scan!!!!
Note: All the information above are my opinion. Your opinion may change that of mine. If you have any other applications then write on the comment.

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