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Tips to keep your Facebook password Safe.

According to Facebook community in 2018 there is a scam in users ID. since the issue is stopped a new issue rose up.

Facebook have announced that around 22% users are using the same password.Over 540 million Facebook users who were using the Amazon Cloud service had an impact on them. Second set records have been collected by the Pool App, so that 22,000 passwords have come out of the scope of security.
so you should never use third party applications. Now a days the cost of in formation is too high than cost of gold. 
I will post the common ways through which Facebook users spread their password. and hence your facebook  password will not spread unless you spread it.
  • Do not use Facebook password anywhere else.( there are people who just use same password for all the social media like Twitter ,google ,  Instagram and everywhere but that is not a problem the problem lies where you use the same password in third party sites. you should not use your Facebook password in advertisements)

  •  Always login to Facebook through facebooks custom homepage.( there are sites which create pages exactly the same of facebooks login page and steals your facebook  password when you type your password in their page. so always use www.facebook.com . see the interagency in stealing your password)
  • Do not share your password with anyone ( most common what everyone says but this very important)
  • Use some more extra difficult keywords in your password. ( use some difficult symbols like @#$%& in password.)
  • Don’t use your personal details like name in the password you are using( many Facebook users just use their user name as their password this is very dangerous that it is very easy to predict your password. Fun fact: comment me how many of you were using your mobile number as your password)
  • Don’t forget to log out your Facebook account if you login your account in your friend’s device.
  • Use a antivirus in your your PC ( a recent study have discovered that a virus can copy whatever type no matters if you type your password)
  • Check the requirements before downloading any file from unknown sources.

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