The revolution of communication: what will happen if we get 5G and their uses.

“We used 2G as a key and opened the door which leads towards internet”

Yeah, we have the greatest and fastest interconnection with 5G.
South Korea have already implemented 5G in its whole country. 5G will create new platform for saving the economy and resources for Major departments because the s y n c of data is fastest than imaginable.

4 G is the previous Technology which is used wildly in today’s world in many countries but 4G is not fast enough to operate man Less robots,automatic vehicles because it takes few seconds to send and receive data

You may have a question that 4G itself have not reached in all over the world so why 5G?
Yes, it’s true not all the countries have received 4G but they are still working on it. The international network department have announced that at 2022 all the world countries will be completely equipped with 5G so wait until you receive a formal network.

The first generation 1 G is the technology which we used in the feature phones which has an antenna. The introducemebt of 1G is a special and most awaited day for peoples who lived those times because that days were filled with wires and cables and dreaming about wireless networks.

2G is a advanced technology than 1 G in the terms of speed and data connectivity. we started browsing through internet when we got 3 G. 3G is also a period of revolution for the wireless networks. This is the time when we got the full access to the internet.

 Nextly we got 4G. This is 10 times speed of 3G this 4th generation network can give a great speed of downloading but it is not enough with uploading speed. you can download high quality movies in just 6 minutes but the time taken for uploading the same movie will take more than 10 minutes.

The highest speed of 5G is 50 MBPS but don’t get surprised because 5G will absolutely make you to freeze. 5G can give you 1gbps at an average.
Then you can guess that you can download a high quality movie in just 6 seconds. yeah it’s true South Korea have already implemented it, congrats to the citizen of South Korea that they are the first citizens of the world to use 5G.
Actually this Technology can reduce the cost of many departments. one can operate a automatic car from another part of the world, a surgery can be successfully done with the robots without any doctors in the operation theatre and many more wonders can happen with 5G.

Already the researchers are planning the ways by which 5G can be implemented in daily life.

 smart homes and smart TV’s can run with the help of 4G but have you ever thought of a vehicle and planes without drivers and Pilots which is as much as equal to what you saw in Batman series.
Actually it is possible with 5G. 5G can be used by military to run tanks and fighters so we can reduce the life loss in any type of fights.

 5G can just take us to the next level communication. when it is implemented All Around The World then our world will see and new environment with actual and automatic everything because the bikes buses and everything you see will become automatic.
 so we will wait for 5G.

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