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The First Photo Of a Black Hole!

Scientists have tried to capture a live photo of a black hole by using the international telescope from the beginning of this decade and finally succeed in this wednesday. This Wednesday the black hole known for its mistery has been captured on photo by the scientist successfully for the first time. 

M87 Black Hole

 scientists havealready found the strongest gravity on the space during 18th century. However the center is dark and they can’t see anything so they called it as black hole. 

The circle shaped inner boundary of black hole can compress even  light rays and any object which passes through the black hole and around it because it have a strongest Gravity force so  any of the the tools cannot used to  see  what’s happening on the boundary of the black hole and behind the black hole.

But however  the  gravitational force of black hole can make any of the objects around it to revolve around the black hole that is how we see a black hole. For example a star is revolving around a black hole means we cannot see the black hole but we see the star is revolving around of some thing which is not visible to our eye. so, We come to know that a black hole is present that is why the star is revolving a particular place in a space.
Till last Wednesday everyone in this world have seen black hole which is a imaginary art of human. But now scientists have the true photo of a black hole (M87). This M87 Black Hole is 55million light years ( 520000000000000000000 KM)!!. So Humans cannot create a big telescope to capture a black hole which is 55 million light years away so scientists have connected the pictures  whi  is gathered from Hawai, Arizona,spain ,Mexico and chilli.The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration, called EHT, is a global network of telescopes that captured the first-ever photograph of a black hole. This is how they got the picture of a black hole for the first time.
What we saw past days as a black hole can be seen as a real photo from this achievement. This is one of the biggest achievement by the scientist and this taken us to a next level of science.

What is a black hole?

A black hole consist of many highly compressed mass in it. A black even contain a 1000°c star in it. 
They also have the tendency to squeeze light aroud it and can highly heatbodies with with space  time theory. The masses compressed by a black hole is heated up to a quadrillion temperature so that it have the energy to move in a light speed.
Light around a black hole bends so that is why we see a photon ring on the image.

Facts about this black hole:

1. This black hole is 6.5 billion times the mass of the sun.

2.The  no return point from were the light and matter cannot escape is called event Horizon. This black hole lies in the Event Horizon.

From this photo what new is discovered?

ring of fire which is formed by extraction of space time. Light goes around the black hole and this is what make the disc like projection of the black hole’s shadow like halo.

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