India’s population is boon or bane to india: how can we handle the huge population of India.

Whenever I get struck in traffic I feel that Thanos did right to the world.

India is important because of its invention inventors economy Indian foods Indian spices, Indian clothes and much more. India gifted the world from zero to freedom of living. As we all know India is the largest democracy in the world.the population growth of India is the fastest growth that we have ever seen.the population growth in India is a major participant in world population growth from 1 billion to 7 billion in a hundred years.
 population growth: It took tens of thousand of years to reach global population of 1 billion in 1800 AD.  Then it took only 130 years to reach 2 billion at 1930s.  But now now after reaching 6 billion it took only 12 years to reach 7 billion and expert tell it will take only 12 years after reaching 7 billion to reach 8 billion.

The huge growth of population have created a lot of jobless man on the streets. Only 1 out of 10 people get the correct job as they want to be. The competition is too high for a job.essay competition increased the people who have reduces their salary.but people accept to work for a low salary because getting a low salary is better than being jobless. The government also highest but actually government can hire only 2000 people out of 200000 competitors for single job. Then what about the rest of 180000 people. They have no option other than working as a labour for servant. If you get a chance to visit India and stay in a hotel as servant or a room boy about his qualification. He will tell BE minimum.

that is why Indian students and job seekers get to foreign countries which is already developed. Developed in the sence people get good amount of salary at an average.
But there are always a way.this people who go out of India for a job have used Indian resources to study and develop but they use their knowledge for a developed country. This is the main reason why India is still a developing country.a developing country will definitely need help to become a developed country but these people are helping for a developed country this is irony of India.

Population of the surroundings.

Whenever I get stuck in a traffic I feel that Thanos did  right to reduce the population. The population is getting increase every single minute.

*”As 35 birth and 11 death are registered in India every minute. The number goes 2,062 births and 603 death per hour, up to 49,483 births and 14,476 deaths every day and further up to 1.5 million births and 0.4 million deaths per month.”*

Where do these many people live. why does India got this many population?

Research says that the crimes of India islow because there are people surrounded always. Not only in cities even there are people around every time even in villages and small towns.

History of Indian Conquerors and population growth.

In here I am not going to bother you bhai just telling you what is there in your history book. I will just tell some interesting facts about Indian conquerors.
Most of the people who ruled India is not an Indian. Around all the Europeans have built colonies and ruled India.they have scope the natural resources with the help of Indian citizens for money.India lost most of its respureso during British rule.
around 75% of the forest is destroyed because of population growth during 20th century alone.
India had been the largest economy in the world for over one and half a millennium.  For all those time it had contributed to at an average of 25% of total world’s Gross Domestic Product(GDP).
India had been in the position of economic superpower longer than any other nation in the world.  Even China cannot outshine India until fifteenth century.
Even after India got freedom many rulers who ruled India settled and got citizenship of India. This is also I am biggest reason why India is filled with culture and language.

Why do people migrate from other Nations to India?

India’s population is also get increase because of migration from other countries.

people from other countries settle in India because of:

  • Safest place in the world.
  • Comfortability in communication.
  • All the religion and culture available in India.
  • Defense structure.
  • Cost of living.

1. Safest place in the world;

There are  places in the world where 500 people dies day because of earthquake, volcanic eruption and many natural calamities. but India have a records of earthquake. There are no volcanoes inside the country but few are found in only islands. 
The Ganges plains in India is one of the most densely populated area in the world. 

The Ganges plains.

This is because there is zero death because of any natural calamities. People who are living in gangsters get everything good.

2.comfortablity in communication;

Around all the language of the world is spoken in India.there are more than hundred of language spoken in side the country which is not spoken in any part of the world.
any foreigners who are migrating to India doesn’t need to know Hindi you just need to know English.

Do you know that India is the second largest English speaking country in the world with Total number of English speakers: 125,226,449.

With only English you can manage to live in India.

3. Culture and religion;

Culture and religion played an important role in India’s freedom fight. But we are not here to speak about freedom so we will go on.

if you are a celebrity of God and you need to visit your holy places which belong to your culture everyday then there are always an option in India.
  • If you are a Christian you have churches.
  • If you are having do you have temples.
  • If you are a Muslim you have  Mosques.

Around all the religion of living in India.

4.Defense structure;

India has the fourth strongest military in the world. So no other Nation surrounded can disturb you in India. There are reasons why I say this.India may be the fourth strongest but Indian army is the place where more humans for cooking than top 3 countries.
not only my military India is safe even the geographical conditions were good in India. No other Nations can enter with their army without seaways. Sea way  is only option.

I have explain what I mean in the image above.
But actually Indian Navy is strongest phone then other nations which is surrounded.
Also check Indian military strength.

Low cost of living;

In India if you have a $5 you can manage a day. This is because India does less import in the terms of food products but does more import in exporting the food products. The cost of product produce inside a country is low because it have no transport charges and lesser tax.

What is the problem with youth population?
The main problem with this huge population is unemployment and pollution.
We have already discussed about unemployment so we will move to pollution.

  • Currently India’s population is 1,366,977,878. This many people needs some land to live. As the population increases the land for living rates increase. Show forest and rivers are leveled up and used for living. This is the main reason why India lost its forests.
  • we have discussed about the average pollution with plastics created by a single family. If not check it now. This is just a family then what about 1,200,536,286 families in India. As the population increased the pollition increases automatically.

How can India handle it’s population?

To the question India’s population is boon or Bane to India? 
India’s population is boon to India and the world. India have used population which means India have a lot of human resources. We can make use of them. Lot of multinational companies are targeting India because of India’s consuming power. We have already discussed about it it if you have not read it then check it now. 
The problem of unemployment can be solved only if employment is created. To create employment new platforms be created. Platform amines company or organisation which can hire people. if lots of companies are started and lots of production can be created which will increase the GDP and the average salary of a citizen.
Where are always problem in everything but we can solve every problem. If every people go to accompany then what will be eat actually. So masti agriculture sector as an important one.the main reason why people don’t do agriculture is they get it very less income.

A farmer complaint that he get very less income. A consumer complaints that he spend more money in buying the products.

This is because the benefits are not to the farmer or a consumer.

the benefits is gone only to the businessman who buys from the farmer and paste some sticker of his brand then sell the product for 10 into times he used to buy from the farmers. 

This is why the richer are becoming richest and the poor becoming the poorest. This problem can be solved only by the direct consuming from the farmer. if a consumer buys directly from the farmer he will definitely get supplies to know the price.


Having a huge population is not a problem at all if I had a good infrastructure. Meet large number of people there are more chance of production and invention. So I would conclude that the population of India is a boon to India and the world.

*Note: all the information that I have root is based on my opinion. I apologize if any of the content that you are disappointing. Remember to comment your opinion.

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