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How to Increase Internet speed in mobile.100%working

Hello to my fellow readers,In this digital era there are two things important for us. They are internet and speed of the internet. Most of the time your mobile internet speed is down and in only certain time it reaches the average speed. But after reading this article you will definitely get some tips on how to increase internet speed in mobile.

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The trick i am sharing with you will work particularly for jio but it can also help other network. Hope you like this post and share to you friends and make them know how to Increase Internet speed in mobile.

Mobile Network Speed.

you can increase the speed of mobile network by changing the APN settings in your mobile. You can actually do this by following me.

Method 1: changing the APN settings to increase internet speed in mobile.

For jio users: How to how to increase internet speed in mobile.

1: Open your mobile settings.

2:Choose network settings > select the sim card.

3 : Click the Access Point Names. click the plus icon in the screen. This will bring you to the interface where you can actually create new APN.

4: Copy the settings that i have done.

Things that you need to change:


APN: jioNet

user name:


MCC: 405

MNC: 865

Bearer: LTE

Don’t change any other options that i have not mentioned above. After doing it just save the new APN by clicking on the three dots in corner. you should restart your device once to activate the new APN that we have saved now.

Note: This for jio users. Other network users should read further.

Other network users follow the following settings;

Enter the following settings in the APN created to increase internet speed in mobile;

  • Name: Enter the official site of your network provider.
  • APN: Enter that suits your network from the following.
Airtel: airtelNet       
Vodafone: vodafoneNet
BSNL: bsnlNet

Method 2: Customer call.

Do you know that you can contact to your network provider and complain about your speed. They will help give you with the best settings for your network because they try to maintain the costumer satisfaction. There is even possibility of the network provider to actually built a cellphone tower in your area. Everything is possible so don’t fail to try.

If you mention the site or web page that you surf more to the operator there is a possibility of solving the problem. Most of the time they help us after you contact them. After this probably you won’t search for how to increase internet speed in mobile.

MTS 191 or 125
Reliance GSM*333
Reliance Jio18608933333/18008899999 (from any other network)/1977 (for Tele-verification)
Spice Mobile180030077423 (toll free)/+911142921000 (non toll free)
Tata Docomo121 / 1860-266-5555 (toll free)
Telenor 121/9175091750 (from any other network)
Virgin Mobile135/0741000123(from any other network,chargeable)

You can dial 198 for all network and raise a ticket about an issue you faced with the network operator.

Method 3: Restricting Background Data Consumption.

Do you know that your mobile phone consumes data in background. Apps like whatsapp and messenger that you are using asks for the permission while you install it. Default setting allows the permission of auto start. There is a chance of unwanted app to be using your mobile data. By restricting the background data usage there is a lot of chance in getting increase internet speed in mobile.

You can restrict the background data consumption from the developer option. Initially the developer option is disabled by default. To enable the developer option check the video below.

Scroll down from your settings and click on additional settings and select developer option.

Scroll down the developer options until you see a option called Background process limit. Click on it and select no background process. Whollla, you have completed this method.

!Note: After completing this process you can’t run two apps at a same time. But the speed of your mobile and the speed of the internet will increase. Plan accordingly before trying this method.

You can actually find a lot of settings that feels interesting like animation duration and touch visualizer. This are the hidden settings and very important one so don’t mess it up by clicking on random and selecting random one.

Final words

If you have got 4G phone it’s appreciated to alter operator. Android doesn’t have a lot of to try and do with increasing speed.

Also ensure that your Cached information is evident. Whenever cached information gets increased higher than one hundred mega byte just clear it. App like YouTube works efficient.
Feel free to check.

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