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How to Unblur The Blurred Photos or Images In Online

Hello guys, I hope You are doing well. I think you have come here after capturing a perfect image and realized that it’s blurry. But don’t worry this time. I have come here with the best ways to unblur your beautiful Photos or Images online.

There are various ways by which your photo would have become blurry. But I am here not to help you with Photography. I will tell you the possible ways to make your photo unblur and make your image look as you taught.

At the end of the post, I will tell you some simple tips by which you can avoid capturing blurry images on mobile. I am going to tell only what I use to avoid blurry images. So I hope it will work fine with you also.

Instead of wasting the time lets get in the topic. I will be listing some online tools where you need to upload your image and unblur it.

There are pretty good offline options for unblurring your image. But for some reason, you are searching for an online tool. It may be you have an excess amount of network access or a shortage of network access to download the software.

I will tell you the possible ways which you can perform online. Most of them are primarily made for editing images but it also got the tools to unblur images.

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Below is the image Which is Unblurred using an online software Pixlr. This One is basically a photo editing software but you can use it to Unblur the images.

You can Experience next-level photo editing with AI-powered tools. Pixlr supports every image format which means you can unblur images in all the format.

Fix the Problem With Pixlr:

  • Launch to Pixlr. You can find Pixlr E and Pixlr X in the editors. You choose Pixlr X.(Pixlr X is beginner-friendly).
  • Click on the open image option and upload the image from your local device.
  • Find Filter option from the left sidebar and click on it. Increase the sharpen and clarity options to the maximum. Then click apply. If it is still not fixed then follow the next step.
  • Again from the left sidebar find effects option and click on it.
  • Scroll down and find the Tuning effect and select it.
  • Scroll down to find an option called clairify. Adjust the transparency accordingly to get an unblurred image.


The next online tool that we are going to talk about is RAW.PICS.IO

This is one of the popular online image editing tool which has basic and advanced tools in it. The user interface is Beginner friendly so, you need not know the uses of tools for unblur the photos or images online.

There are various effects and tools which you can use on your image after unblurring it. It is just a few steps to sharpen your image.

Fix the Problem With RAW.PICS.IO

  • Launch to raw.pics.io
  • Hit on Start Which will take you to the page where you can upload Your image which you need to unblur.
  • Click on Open files from the computer. You will be able to see a popup window From Where You can Drag and Drop the Image or Open it.
  • Open the left sidebar by just bringing your mouse cursor near to the left side of the screen.
  • Select Edit from the appeared menu. You can find lots of editing tools that are used for various other purposes.
  • Scroll Down the editing tools to find Sharpen Tool. Click on it Unblur your Image. It takes some time to upload and apply the sharpen effect so please be patient.


Fotor is one more software where you can unblur your photos. It comes with amazing effects and filters which can help you to deblur your images.

Fotor also has the features to handle RAW files which works fine. It is also very supportive of basic photo editors and doesn’t need any advanced tools which will confuse.

Fix the Problem with FOTOR:

  • Launch to Fotor.
  • Select Edit a Photo from the given option. This will take you to the page which looks like in the image below. Note: some time this page loads in Spanish. Just translate.
shows the fotor upload screen
  • Click on the + icon to choose the image which you need to deblur. Select the image and click on the open button to upload the selected image.
  • Now you can see the image editing tools at the left sidebar. Basic is chosen by default. If not then choose in by manually. Basic is the first option in the editing tools.
  • Click on Basic from the list of basic editing tools.
  • Now you can see Few adjustment bars. They are meant for Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness.
  • Increase the Sharpness amount. You can see the deblurring of the image.

There are various other online tools that can sharpen your Image but I have told about very few of them. This means other tools have not helped me to unblur the images in one way or another.

Even the tools I listed works, not on all types of blurs. You should not expect too much clarity in the images. There is no software in the world that can just unblur a dark noisy image into a crisp image.

But you can always do one thing, that is capturing the image without any blurs in it. Most of us use mobile phones to capture photos. So, we will go with mobile photography itself.

There various reasons by which the image gets blurred. As usual I will tell you the popular mistakes.

Avoiding Blurring of Images while Capturing On mobile phones.

Camera movement:

Many people experience blurring on the image because of this the reason only. We find hard to hold the mobile phone in some situations.

Try using a tripod or a mobile stand. Not a professional or expensive one. But you can always use a basic tripod.

They are available at cheap prices. You can also try flexible basic tripods. They are starting at the price range of ₹150. But we recommend starting with ₹300.


Even after you use tripods you may experience motion blurs here and there. This is due to a lack of stability. Try placing it on ground.

Some users felt difficulty in clicking on the capture button. They say when they click on the button their mobile moves slightly which causes bluring.

For you guys, there is a well-known solution. Connect your headphones to your mobile. Whenever you need to capture the image click the button in your headphones instead of the capture icon on your mobile screen.

Clicking the headphone button will capture your Photo. This will work for both rear camera and selfie camera.

Focusing Issues:

Before clicking on any image check twice whether the camera is focused on the right object.

focus blur

There are few cameras that focus on the wrong object instead of the main object.

In such cases try clicking on the main object multiple times. If it does not work then move your camera towards the distant object in different directions.

And again bring back your camera towards your main object. Hope this works.

Motion Blur:

Motion blur
Motion Blur

This type of blur happens when you try to capture an object that is in motion. This type of blur is so frustrating because you can’t recreate the whole action scene once more.

There is nothing big that you can do on mobile phones. Only you can switch on the AI camera mode or something that offers to you by your mobile brand.

These modes don’t work in most of the situation. You cannot find difference even after turning on these modes if you don’t have good lighting conditions.

All you can do is try capturing images at good lighting. Try to use rapid shutter. This will help you in most of the situations and most of the users found it working.

I hope you found this useful. Share this article with your photo freak friend. Leave a comment below to say anything you got better this. Thank you

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