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How to change Youtube Title Font and Get 4X More Views

Most of the YouTubers and content creators on YouTube don’t do one simple trick that can boost their views. If you too are a YouTuber, you can do this to get more views and CTR than your competitors. So, learn How to change Youtube Title Font.

It is very simple as you can do it in a few seconds. Yeah, it’s the YouTube title font for your videos.

You may saw YouTubers who change the font of their video title. Believe me, this boosts their click-through rate for up to 4 times.

Moreover, you don’t need to download any software, you can do it right in your browser. Stay tuned and learn how to change the Youtube title font.

Why Do You Want To Change Youtube Title Font:

why Should you change youtube title fonts

Basically, the main thing that attracts the viewers to click on your video is your thumbnail. If you create a very attractive thumbnail, you can get a few more thousand views.

Maybe, even a million more views than your previous view count. That’s why you will find a lot of videos with clickbait thumbnails.

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So, the main thing you need to notice here is, people click on attractive things. Here ‘Attractive’ doesn’t mean just the design. You must make sure to make it more interesting.

Take a look at this thumbnail from a Mr Beast Video.

Source: YouTube

You can clearly look that there is nothing special about the graphics. I mean, there are no graphical elements at all.

But, it’s more attractive and people want to click on it. Apart from regular viewers of Mr. Beast, new viewers click on the video.

The title of the video says ‘I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement’.You can clearly see that the thumbnail is related to the topic and the thumbnail justifies the topic.

So, that’s how you make your thumbnail more interesting and clickable. You can also check out how to create best thumbnails for your YouTube videos.


Now, why do you want to change the YouTube title font when a good thumbnail can take care of it. Well, the short answer is to make it more attractive.

Look at the below image.

How to change Youtube Title Font

Ok, now I know what you are thinking. Yeah, you can actually have different fonts for one video. You can clearly see that the title with the different font is a little bit attractive.

Sometimes this gives confidence to your viewers that they can find what they are searching for. You can play with it and find the best fonts that suit your channel.

Should You have to change Youtube Title Font

Well, its based on what type of videos you upload on your channel. Say for example you have a video that is related to ghosts and Halloween. In that case, you use fonts to make your video more scary. You know, more interesting and more clickable.

But, if you have a tech channel where your review gadgets, you can’t use a Halloween font on your video. May be you need to find fonts with more techy feel in it.

Take a look at the below example.

Yeah, it looks more attractive and if you ask me, i will definitely click on the second title. So, its all about the video and you want to find the best font that suit your video.

Ok, if you have an already established channel, it is not recommended to change the font of the full title. But, you can change certain parts of it.

Say for example you have a channel that lists games or products. For example, you create a video for ’10 Best YouTube Font Title’. You can have a different font for ’10 Best’.

So, it will look more attractive. You can also stick with the style and put it on all of your videos. Guess what, your subscribers will identify your videos instantly on seeing the title because the font becomes your own brand.

How to change Youtube Title Font

Now, let’s get started step by step. First login to youtube studio. Well, this is a familiar place because you upload all of your videos here.

You can change the YouTube title font for an already uploaded video or for an uploading video. The process is the same for both. You can also change the title font for a published video as an experiment to see the difference.

  • Go to the video details and copy the video title. If you want a different font for your video description, then copy the description.
How to change Youtube Title Font

Now, you need to head over to a website called LingoJam. You can also find similar websites all over the internet. This site seems more user-friendly, so you can use this if you can’t find one.

How to change Youtube Title Font

  • Paste the copied text in the normal text box. And when you click enter, you can find a lot of font variation of the text.

You can just copy any of it. If you are trying different font in one title, just copy the required section of the text.

How to change Youtube Title Font

  • Now, head over to YouTube studios and paste the text in the video title. Now just hit save.

How to change Youtube Title Font:

  • Go to your YouTube Studio account.
  • Click on the edit option for the video.
  • Go to the video details and copy the video title.
  • Launch LingoJam and paste the text. Now, copy any of the generated fonts.
  • Now, head over to YouTube studios and paste the text in the video title. Now just hit save.

This is one simple trick that you can use to boost up your views. You can do this even on your mobile phone. Now, the process is the same on your mobile. But for more convenience, you can also try using apps to generate fonts.

Using apps for generating fonts can give the same results or even better results. This is because some apps can generate tons of different fonts. So, let me list a few apps.

2 Best apps to change Youtube Title Font

There are really tons of apps available on the play store for this purpose. We have handpicked a few of the best apps out there. Moreover, we tried to find that works with no ads or very few ads.

1. Fonts – Emojis & Fonts Keyboard

Apart from all other copy-paste fonts apps, this app is a unique font app. Instead of copy-pasting the title, this app allows you to directly type in the required font.

All you need to do is just install the app and set it as your keyboard. After doing this, you can type in with different font in pretty much all the social media apps.

Say for example Instagram or even WhatsApp. You can set your user name or the group name in a different font. So, you have the ability to style your messages with many stylish fonts. This is one of the best apps for YouTube’s title font.

Download Fonts – Emojis & Fonts Keyboard

2. Stylish fonts – fancy text generator app

The next app on our list is Stylish fonts from Pixster Studio. This is one of the best apps for Youtube’s title font. This app works just like the LingoJam.

You can just follow the steps that I have listed above. There is a wide range of fonts available in this app. It’s pretty much enough for a YouTube title font.

Moreover, the user interface is very simple. All you need to do is copy-paste your title and this app will do its job. You can also access premium fonts in return for watching an advertisement video.

Download Stylish fonts – fancy text generator app

Conclusion ( Youtube Title Fonts)

Changing a youtube title font can boost your CTR. So, try to use as much as you can to boost your views. Moreover, you must produce quality content to make those viewers as your subscribers. So, the quality of your video matters. I think you would have learned How to change Youtube Title Font.

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