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How To Add Friends In KakaoTalk: User ID, QR code, Phone Number

Hello to my fellow readers, I am ‘Elango’ and today I am here to help you out with adding friends In the KakaoTalk app. Have you not heard about it? But there are 150 Million people using it. Maybe it is not popular in your country.

For the people in those countries which have blocked the usage of WhatsApp, KakaoTalk has a huge role as a messenger app. Even in other countries, KakaoTalk has a huge lead among messaging apps.

Kakao talk offers some of the very cool features which other app doesn’t have.

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What Is KakaoTalk App

KakaoTalk is basically a messaging app by Kakao Corporation, KakaoTalk is Chosen by more than 150 million users worldwide.

This app is free to use that is available in the play store and app store. which is mostly used in the regions where WhatsApp is blocked. It is Fast to use with fun and easy interface to communicate with friends and family.

This app Uses Internet connection for calls and messages just like any other messaging app. But you need to know how to add friends in KakaoKalk to message your friends which you will get to know on further reading.

KakaoTalk is accessible for both Android and iOs and different another programming. It Supports: Android, iOS, Windows operating system, Macintosh operating system


  • Quick: Fast and dependable informing regardless of what your system is.
  • FREE Visits: It supports FREE messages and interactive file-sharing options. Here you can share photographs, recordings, voice notes, and any other files.
  • KakaoTalk supports FREE CALLS: Great voice calls. SMS MESSAGES: you can even Set as default SMS message application.
  • You can talk in one place because this supports Available gadgets like smartwatches.
  • Emojis: Express everything with popular emojis. In addition, you can choose from unending sticker assortments from the emoji store.
  • Gathering Visit: Talk with a boundless number of companions
  • VOICE Channel: This app has Voice channel support. So, have Fun free calls with Talking Tom and Ben’s voice channels.
  • ANDROID WEAR: Answer with a voice from wearable gadgets.

ok, we have seen a lot of features of KakaoTalk. Instead of further wasting time, let us get into the topic.

How to Add Friends in KakaoTalk?

KakaoTalk has various methods to add friends. You can use the User ID, QR Code, Contact Number, and even send invite like to add a friend. With a super-cool interface, it is very easy to work with KakaoTalk.

Step 1: Open KakaoTalk APP

KakaoTalk is a free app you can install from Play Store is you are an android user and you can also install from App Store is you are an ios user.

launch to Kakao Talk

Step 2: Click on the search Icon For Adding Friends.

At the very bottom of the screen, you can find options that will take you to various other options. From those options, select the third option from where you can search and find your friend’s KakaowTalk Account.

Step 3: Choose any one option from QR Code, Contact and User ID.

As we discussed before, Kakaow Talk offers various options to add friends. It is one of the very few apps that gives this many options to get connected with friends.

How To Add Friends In KakaoTalk By Using the QR Code option

This the easiest way to get connected to friends. Yeah, its that simple. All you need to do is just scan a QR Code and the app will automatically connect you with your friend.

However, not many of its users use this option but Kakao Corporation knows that QR Codes are gonna play a very important role in the future. That is why the company is regretting to remove this option from the app.

To use this method you need your friends QR Code or you can share your QR code with your friend.

How to Add a Friend by His/Her QR Code.

You can either scan a QR code through your camera or you can scan an image of the QR code

Step 1: Select the QR code Option from the available option.

Step 2: Scan the QR Code.

Bring the Physically Printed or a QR Code on your friends mobile directly in front of your mobile camera.

I have personally tested this option a lot of times and it works fine. The scanning process takes place in a very fast phase and there are no bugs in it.

If you have only the soft copy of your friend’s QR Code then its fine. There is an option to use those soft copies to add your friend. But, you should load the copy into your phone so that the app can scan them right from your mobile storage.

Just select the Album option from the top right corner of the screen which will take you to your default file manager. Search and select the file that contains your friend’s QR Code. And boom, you are done.

How to create your own QR Code and share it with your friend

You can find an option called ‘my profile’ in the QR Code scanning window. Click on it which will take you to a screen that shows your profile QR Code that you can share with your Friend.

The first option below the QR Code is for sharing your QR Code directly from KakaoTalk to various other social media. The second option is to save your QR Code in your device file manager which is considered to be useful because you can easily access it right from your mobile gallery.

How to add Friends In KakaoTalk By using Contact Option

The next option available in the KakaoTalk app to add friends is by using the Contact option. This is the most widely used method to add friends. This method is very convenient and very simple to perform.

You should remember that you need your friends phone number that has been registered with the KakaoTalk account.

Step 1: Select ‘Add By Contacts’ option

You should select the contact option which is the second one in the available options.

Step 2: Fill Up the Required Details.

There are no complicated details asked. You have to enter the user name and his phone number and make sure that the phone number you have entered starts with the country code. You should not include “-” in what you have typed.

How to add Friends In kakowTalk By using User ID option

This is another option available in KakaoTalk to get connected with friends. Adding friends with user ID id also a simple process but your friend must have created one for his account in order to use it. Even after the creation of user ID, ask your friend to turn on public visibility.

How to create a User ID in KakaoTalk after creating an account

  • 1. Select the last options menu
  • click on KakaoTalk ID from the list of options
  • 3. Fill Up the user ID that you want and hit OK

How to Turn On/Off the user ID Visibility

KakaoTalk offers an interesting feature in the User ID tab. You can switch between Public visibility of your User ID. So, it is important if you are using the User ID option for adding friends.

Step 1: Click On add by ID option from the search tab

This will take you to the place where you can search for your friend’s user ID.

Step 2: Select “My ID option

You can find this option just below the User ID search bar. Remember, this option will be visible only if you have created a User ID for yourself.

Step 3: From the new window you can toggle between Public Visibility

How to search Your Friends User ID to add as a friend

Once your friend has successfully created a User ID then you can use it to search and add as a friend. To do it, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Click on Add by ID.

You can find this option in the search tab.

Step 2: Search For your Friends User ID

You should enter the exact User ID that your friend used. After searching, you can simply hit on ADD Friend.

These are the available options to add friends to the app. So, if you found this article informative then please share this post.

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