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Best photo editing app for Android!!

In  today’s world anybody can take photos with high quality in their smartphones, but even though they take many photos they are not satisfied with it because there will not be getting the correct brightness and contrast colours without editing. In  those days editing is done only in computers but nowadays in smartphones also  applications are arrived for editing photos with good quality and contrast colours.

With these  applications you can edit  any of your photos on anytime without any cost.
Today I will be listing out some of the best photo editing apps for Android devices some of these absol very cool that it can even change the whole look of the photo.

List of best 5 photo editing applications for your Android device:

 Adobe lightroom.

    Adobe lightroom is my favourite photo editing application where it gives life to your photos. you can add many frames and lenses and many more contrasting options are available. This is the favourite to all the professional photo editors. It  does this many works with highly powerful Adobe software.

    I would personally recommend to use this software because if you download and use this application you will feel awesome in your photos.

Photo Directer.

   This is another great application in our list. It have attracted many of the Uses with its cool features. many photo editor loved this because  one of its feature ‘removal’ of objects from images without any effects in the photo.
   It also have a lot of photo frames and filter options you can edit the curves of the photos. It also have features of coping and changing the background.

PicsArt photo studio:

   This is the most popular photo editor app around professionals. It have around all of photo editing tools like filters, making posters, adding text in the photos and awesome fonts.
   If you are working as a graphic designer then you can use this Android application because it can help you in your profession with its awesome features.


  This is Google’s Application for photo editing. This is one of the best and great photo editing tool on Play Store. It have good filters. Tt is also quite easy to use.  you can adjust brightness contrast saturation very easily.  you can also edit photos by sliders. you can even adjust or at the course of the photos.
It also have many features like warmth , HDR and many other features. It is totally ad free environment without cost and also it provides powerful photo editing platform on Android.

Photoshop express.

It is another great photo editing to run Android it can automatically fix the brightness of the photos with it intelligence you can also have watermark to your images and awesome fonts this app is created by Adobe which will give you professional photo editing in Android
 I would not recommend for the photo editors who want the detail photo editing tool but you can use if you want to just adjust the brightness and details of the frames you cannot expect a full photo editing in this application but it is very easy to use simple interface in it.

note: all the applications are based on my opinion . If have any other opinionthen tell me in the comments

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