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Best of 10 free Android video Editor Apps of 2019: Make yourself pro in editing

There are wide range of video editor software for PC and there are also a great useful video editor apps for Android and iOS devices which are available on play store for free.
In this best of list you can find apps which contain a bunch of amazing features in it. With these apps you can edit you weird videos into a awesome one and upload in social media.

10 best Video Editor for android are listed below.

1.Adobe premier clip. 

This is one of the best video editor app for Android. This app have a cleaner interface and allows you to edit very quick. This app allows you to edit any of the video in your device very vastly. This app has a feature for automatic video creation which allows you to create a video automatically with the collection of photos you have in your device as a slideshow.
   Moreover, you can also create your videos with its multiple video editing functions like cutting, trimming, adding transitions, music, filters, effects, etc.

 Top features of Adobe premier clip:

  • Automatic video creation with the help of photos.
  • Auto dynamic balance in background of videos and music.
  • The edited videos can be directly uploaded to adobe CC.

 This a popular video Editing platform on Android .  This app has a time line feature were you can see frame by frame video shots. This app contains over 30 trans effects and different layers for editing. This is a app were you can edit like a professionals but you will get confused of the tools and its usage. Once you get adapted then you can just create your own green frame videos.
This all allows you to watch tutorial videos about the tools it have. This app contains two versions one is free and other is a premium version. Most of the apps features are available in free version but if you upgrade for premium version you can get a ad free environment, removal of water mark, you can even go for 4k video editing after the upgrade of premium version.

Top features of power director:

  • The time line interface of video editing.
  • Videos can be exported in 4K with hardware support.
  • Transparency and layer effects in videos.
3. Kinemaster video editor.

Kinemaster is a very continent tool for video editing in Android. This app have a proffesional look and a very powerful features. This app also have a watermark on the edited videos which will get removed in the premium version.

Many of the proffesional editors recommend kinemaster because of its great features like transition effect and add text in between video frames. This app has a remarkable view for video editing almost all the tools are available in this one app which is a must try one.

Top features of Kinemaster:

  • Many layers of stickers and frames with hand writing feature.
  • The editor can preview the edited video at every inch of editing.
  • Good volume control and music level equalizer.

4. FilmoraGo.

FilmoraGo is a very much remarkable app in this list. This app has a basic tools like trimming the video, coping the video, music effect, in frame edits and etc. 
This app can copress or extract the size of the frame for the video to support social media like, for Instagram 1:1 ratio.
This app can directly upload your edited videos to your social media without saving to your gallery.
This app always have a watermark of the apps name but it can be removed if you upgrade to premium at once.

Top features of FilmoraGo:

  • You can directly import files from various sites like google drive,facbook etc. so that you can edit very conveniently.
  • This app have a enumerous template for video frames and a lot or stickers.
  • FilmoraGo have complete collection tools that a professional editor needs.
5. Quick.

Quick is a excellent app for creating smart videos. This app is very fast for editing and its absolutely free of cost. This app have a automatic video creation capabilities and many cool features like music stability, croping videos, image insert in between the frames etc..

This all can create your videos to 720p and 1024p resolution. This app can directly upload videos to your social sites. Quick app is very continent for mobile users because it does not show any annoying things like ad. This app is a fast-growing company which will keep developing its software. so this app is a must try one.
Top features of Quick:
  • Automatic sync of your edited videos.
  • Great transition effect which is one of the best than other apps.
  • Videos are saved as 60fps which allows you to watch a smooth play back of videos.
FuniMate is a best video editor app for who needs to just edit contrast and and motion stickers in the video. This is also a best funny video creater.
This app contains more than a hundreds of motion stickers which will exactly match if you made a correct action in the video that you have acted.
It also have slow motion effects and reverse play of the video.
You can also make loops inside your video which will make your video awesome.

you can also share your edited video to other Finnimate users. This app contains full screen ads. so you may get disappointed by using this app.
Top Features of FunniMate:
  • You can directly share your videos to social site.
  • easy to work. you can complete editing if have a very basic ideas of editing.
  • This app have DIY effect. You can collab with Funnimate users.

This app is created by a android lover who thoughtfully created this app for giving a professional editing in Android. This app is very much user friendly and have a wide range of filters and stickers. This app comes through animation clips and merging clip facility. All the video editing like trimming, resizing, contrast filters comes under a user friendly environment.

This app have 200million active users who are completely aaddicted to this app. Many of the social media users uses this app especially to create a smart videos in a excellent way which is super easy in this app.

Top features of VivaVideo:

  • Super easy to use.
  • have merging,college making in a user friendly environment
  • A wide variety of templates and layouts. 

8.Magisto Video Editor & Maker.

This app another top rated video editing app for Android. This app uses sophisticated AI. This is a very powerfull AI which will automatically select a correct frame for your photos to create a slide show video. Creating a video is a very simple task in this app where you select a dozen of photos and a music. Then this app will automatically filters the contrast and brightness of the photos to give a complete video in few minutes.
This app is highly recommended for those who have searching for a decent video editing app for Android. This app also contains all of the basic tools like resize,filter ,frame edit etc..

Top features of Magisto:

  • cleaner look and excellent video editing.
  • Direct share to social media sites.
  • Vloggers and marketers will feel helpful because of its awsome tools.
This is a wonderfull app for video editing. This app have even got awards for its work so however this is a awesome video editor. It is a surprise that this app is available for free on play store. This app have very much required functions like text, effects,song,sound equaliser for beautify the video.
You can also perform a dubbing with this app because this app allows to record voice on a very live platform. Around fifty themes are available in this app. The feature of compression and extraction to reduce the data size of the is video is available. 
This app can create video at the highest quality and supports every Android devices.

Top features of VideoShow:
  • Any number of background music can be added.
  • Lot of themes are available.
  • A mp4 video can be converted into mp3 file.

This is also a wonderfull app for video editing. This app has a every single essential tools for editing video. This app is user friendly except the ads that which will completely make you disappointing. If you need a better experience from this app then the only way is to switch off the data connectivity and use this app.

This app can create video for 16:9 for Instagram which is very much easy to create. This app is highly recommended for short videos only.
Top features of Movie Maker Filmmaker:
  • A wide variety of stickers and motion clips.
  • Music track visualizer.
  • Text animation.

note: this list isn’t arranged according to any sequence. so all the apps listed is best for the topic.

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