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Best apps for earning money by playing games!!

There are many genres of games which are popular for Android gamers. The games like subway surf, candy crush are very popular games may be you have definitely tried once.
If you are a pro player of these type of games then do you know that you can actually make money through playing games. There are people who uses these earning apps and making 100$ weakly (just by playing games for fun). If you also have to make money then you are at the right place. In this article I will tell you some excellent apps were you can make money by playing you favourite genre of game. yeah, you can play games which are similar to subway surf, candy crush etc and make money if you win.

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I have listed some best apps were you can actually earn money by playing games:

1. MPL (mobile premier league),

  This is a excellent app which have 100% capability to be in the first position in our list. This app comes across different variety of mobile games. MPL have nearly all the geners of mobile games in one app.
All the games which are available in MPL are very much fun and you will get money according to the rank of your score.
This app also renew games daily.

Special features of MPL:

  • A wide range of games are available inside one app.
  • Earning money is very easy in this app.If your rank comes above 1000 then you can get double the invested money ( in some games)
  • User friendly and ad free.
2. Bazingaa play and earn paytm cash.
Bazingaa is one of the India’s favourite and popular e-sport app. In this platform you can play fun gaming contests and you can earn money. You can definitely earn money by this app.
This app runs for 24×7 and you can play at any time. You can also play league games on your mobile. This app have many games. This app is a play=earn. This app allows you to withdraw money through your paytm wallet.
Special features of Bazingaa,
  • You can earn money by Inviting friends.
  • This app have transparency in paying.
  • Clean interface.
3. Bulb smash.
In 2017 bulb smash is the most addictive game says google play store. If you love using sling shot then this game will definitely make you addicted.
In this game you will be given a sling shot in which you have to smash the bulbs which are glowing on the screen with a sling shot. This game isn’t easy as they look. You have to use your brain and some tricks to win a match after passing level 4.
Bulb smash is totally free to download on play store. You can earn coins by smashing bulbs. This game also allows you to play super level and you can double the coins if you win the super level.
You can also notice your friend and other competitors on the inbuilt leaderboards.
Special features of Bulb smash,
  • Simple interface and all the modes can be seen on dash boards.
  • Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors.
  • Boost track FbStart.

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