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7 Best App Killers for Android to Use

Most of us would have been in a situation of wondering why our phone consumes battery or data even when we don’t do anything with it. Most of the time, it would be an app that runs in the background. To be very certain, all social media apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook. In that case, you need the best app killers for Android.

It is not very difficult to find an app that works in the background. You can do it from the setting as a newer version of Android has these inbuilt features. Moreover, they also provide something called force stop to terminate it instantly.

But why do you want the best app killers for android? It’s just to make it more convenient or schedule to terminate the app from running in the background. But it would help if you remembered that you could do it manually, and you don’t need any apps at all. This is the list of best app killers for Android that makes it easier to work with.

Best App Killers for Android:

#1 KillApps : Close all apps running

The first and my favorite app killer for android is KillApps from Tafayor Tech. The best thing about this app is how simple this app is from the rest of the app killers. It shows you how many apps are open, your ram percentage, and memory before and after closing.

You have to pay to include the system, but the free version is just wonderful for me. No ads slapping you in the face + the apps efficiently do exactly what they claim to do without putting any burden on your system or spying.

Above all, it does what it says. It’s super clean and very functional, one of the best app killers out there. You can close all the running apps in one click but remember to put all the important apps into a white list.

Features of KillApps:

  1. Super clean to use, no big ads, or confusing navigation.
  2. Close background apps and tasks, including system apps and widgets.
  3. One of the powerful task killers to close all the app in the background.

Download this best app killer for android.

Best App Killers for Android

#2 Task Killer

If you do not mind about the interface but still want an app to kill apps, you can opt for Task Killer. It pretty much does what its name suggests. Task Killer is a great app, and it does what it is supposed to do and very easy to use. You have to leave the app and restart it after editing apps to the whitelist. Apart from that it works fine on what you want it to do. Moreover, you can manually force the apps to stop (in your phone’s Settings > Apps>Force Stop apps).

Usually, app killer apps like this have a problem. It doesn’t show the usage stats, and it’s not solved in this app too. But it helps to kill or pause the app. By doing this, you can free up space and run your phone smoother.

Features of task killer:

  1. You can kill any app that you think is not usefully running in the background. It can be done in one click.
  2. There is an option for setting the schedule to kill the app.
  3. Add whitelist apps never to kill them and let them run in the background. This helps in not stopping important apps.

Download this best app killer for android.

Best App Killer for Android

#3 3C Task Manager

3C Task Manager is a simple task manager app for android. It has some powerful features like Sort by CPU, memory, or network usage. It is beneficial for sorting out the bad apps and killing them. You may wonder, how this app work. Basically app killers uses Accessibility services that is available on your settings to stop apps on non-rooted devices.

Moreover, this app is available for free, and you can use it whenever your phone feels laggy. While other task managers require complicated workarounds to get the necessary permissions, this one works. But remember that you won’t get any fancy graphs or charts. It shows some very detailed stats compared to other app killer apps.

Features of 3C Task Manager:

  1. It has a simple interface and compelling features. It contains ads but does what it says.
  2. You can also Kill any apps or kernel processes on your phone. (rooted devices)
  3. Highly configurable UI and Widgets are available from this app.

Download this best App killer for android.

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Best App Killers For Android

#4 Force Stop Apps

It works well enough & has a small bad move. One of a user reported that it force stops itself every time you exit. He also says that “It makes no sense considering, as it indicates, permissions would then need to be reauthorized upon next use”. But, it it does what it’s supposed to do and it’s definitely not the worst of app killer for android.

The battery optimization in battery settings is sufficient to save the battery. It even warns you if any app is consuming the battery to force stop if required. There is no need to use other battery saving app. This app is also handy to save RAM by force stopping background apps.

Features of Force Stop Apps:

  1. One of the best feature-rich app killer for android. Works fine in killing the apps and reduce CPU usage.
  2. Inbuilt battery optimization works fine, and it saves plenty of battery. You don’t need a dedicated battery optimizer for your android.

Download this best app killer for android.

Best app killers for android

#5 Hibernator – Hibernate apps & Save battery

This app is a fantastic app killer! It lets you see what apps are starting in the background for no reason and enables you to force stop them quickly.

It is a fantastic, light, easy-to-use app that gets the job done without placing a strain on the device. Moreover, the ads are not showing too much, and no privacy issues. I have used it and love it. It seems to work very well.

Certainly saves battery. It is well worth for the little cost to get all features and prevent advertisements. One of the best app killers for android, very easy to use on the phone.

Features of Hibernator:

  1. It has a straightforward interface. You can start hibernating your apps right after you opened the app.
  2. One of the best app killer for android, it works very well.
  3. Not too many ads are thrown on your face. Moreover, you can stop ads by buying the paid version.

Download this best app killer for android.

Best App Killer For android

#6 Greenify

Next up, we have one of the best app killers for Android. Greenify does clean your phone’s background apps. Just like other app killers for Android, you can force stop background apps. The main difference between the Greenify app from the rest of the app is that it is greener. I am just kidding:)

This app has better features in it. For example, it can do battery saving, clearing cache, and stopping background apps. But, you must be very careful with hibernating all apps. Unfortunately, if you hibernate the system apps like Phone or messaging apps, it’s going to be a headache for you.

Features of Greenify:

  • Greenify can do three different optimizations tasks in a single app( battery saver, Memory management, Background app management).
  • Analyze apps to suggest running in the foreground. It is a useful feature because most of the time, we end up hibernating the wrong apps.
  • Greenify uses Accessibility settings to hibernate apps.

Download this best app killer for android

Best App Killer For Android

#7 Kaspersky Battery Life

I know what you are thinking. Why are you listing a battery saver in an app iller list? Well, the answer, killing apps is one of the best ways to extend battery. Hence, there is nothing wrong with listing a battery saver app on this list. Moreover, it has some cool features that you may end up using for the rest of your life.

After using this app, you may end up have a couple more hours of battery life. It identifies the battery consuming apps and predicts the usage accurately. Kaspersky Battery Life is so useful that you can find the Battery Hungry apps and force stop automatically or manually. Moreover, you won’t get any spammy notification or any ad notifications. It works flawlessly without giving any lag to the phone.

Features of Kaspersky Battery Life:

  • Shows accurate stats of battery usage and recommendations to force stop an app.
  • It doesn’t add any lag to the phone as it works flawlessly.
  • Works great even on a lower version of android.

Download this best app killer for android

Use Settings to stop apps from running in background

Whatever apps are available for android, the best is in your default settings. First, up all think about it, we are installing an app to do what we can do manually. If you are very concerned about privacy and don’t want to install any extra apps, Don’t worry. You can do it from your developer options. It’s effortless too.

Just head over to about the phone from settings and find the build number. Rapid tap on it six times. We are enabling the developer’s option.

  1. Go to the setting and click on the ‘about phone‘.
  2. Find the built number from the list of details.
  3. Rapid tap on it six times to enable the developer option.

If you still can’t understand, follow the below video.

After doing this, go to accessibility options and select developer options. You can find a lot of exciting options, like controlling the animation. Just play with those options and find the best one that suits you.

Anyway, from there, find the Background Process Limit. Just select it and select two processes, which is more than enough. But, remember that this can spoil your user experience sometimes.

Force stopping apps

One of the other easy ways to not use the best app killers for Android is by using the force stop option. Most of you would already know this method. You can do it in a few seconds.

First, you need to identify the app that you need to force stop. There must be a reason like it consumes data background. Don’t just force stop random apps as it spoils the user experience.

After identifying, long-press it, which will take you to the app setting page, select the force stop option. This will completely stop the app and reactivate whenever you open the app again.

Note: This will not put you in the situation of restarting the app. It just stops the app temporarily.

Conclusion ( Best App Killers for android)

Well, that’s for the best apps to stop background apps. Remember that you don’t need any apps because you can do this from the settings. I am not a big fan of cleaning apps, as all the options are available in phone settings.
Try it out and leave a comment on the best app. Share this post and let your friends know about these apps. Cheers.

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