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8 Useful Apps In Lockdown For Android

Hello Readers, this is ‘Elango’ from scopelearner and today I am here with a list of 8 Useful Apps that will benefit you in lockdown. So, there’s a pretty good chance that your eyes are working from home or you’re studying at home or you just entered lockdown mode. I thought it’s a great opportunity to talk about a few apps that will help you either learn more or just know new skills or even stay entertained. These apps make you a better version of yourself.

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Here is the List of Useful Apps that benefits you During Lockdown:

Useful Apps In Lock down:

1. NewPipe

Did you know that YouTube has restricted the streaming quality to just 480p on smartphones? In almost all countries in the world and for good reasons. That is to reduce the server work for entertainment which would benefit the people who work from their home. But if you still want the highest quality by default, there’s a way to do it with this app called ‘NewPipe‘.

You can now set the default resolution for playback and it goes all the way up to 4k. Which is great and you can also pop up the video so it can pretty much float on any screen. You can also resize it and there are a lot more options that YouTube does not have. The only downside is that you cannot log in with your YouTube account and so you don’t get your recommendations or your watched videos or your liked videos.

The app is not on the Play Store, so you will have to download it from APKpure. I have already told you about Youtube Vanced. If you have enough time, Go check it out. And yeah, this is one of a Useful Apps In Lockdown.

Useful Apps In Lockdown 2:

2. Cinehub

Coming to the next one, you may not find all the latest movies and TV shows on Netflix or prime or hot stars. But that’s where Cinehub comes into the picture. It has a pretty impressive listing of the latest TV shows and movies. The best part is, it makes it very easy for hunting for these kinds of movies. It is so easy with filters, I mean you can filter by release date, genre and the country of release.

You can just tap on the movie to check the IMDB rating as well and hit watch to start streaming. Even this app is not on the Play Store, so you have to download it from the developer site. You can install the APK and you’ll have the app in your android device. If you are worried about various permissions that the app may have access to, you can actually go check it. This app needs only access storage so that you will be able to download the movies if at all you want to.

Useful Apps In Lockdown 3:

3. Product Hunt

The next app on the list is called ‘product hunt’ and oh my god it’s great. You guys will be surprised by the great software or apps that are out there for your desktop or even your phone. If you’re constantly going to look out for ways to make your lives more productive then just have better tools at hand. Producthunt gives you a list of all the best and hot products that you can try. For example, it’ll keep a track of where your call was, whether it’s going to be on hangouts, zoom, or Skype.

Useful Apps In Lockdown 4:

4. Home Workout

Nowadays you are able to spend more time at home so you’ve got no excuse. Home workouts are a great app right now because you get all their premium workouts for free until the 1st of July. It’s really simple because even if you’re a beginner you’ve got all the exercises at varying levels right in front of you. So you don’t have to be going through a bunch of YouTube videos to progress on your workouts. You can just download the exercises and then you can get started and there are animations that help you understand how you need to carry them out.

As I said even if you’re a beginner or you’re at an advanced level, you could choose the respective level and the body part that you want to exercise. Just get started with the app. It also allows you to set up a goal so you can decide how many days you want to train in a week. Then in case, if you don’t forget you can also set reminders

Useful Apps In Lockdown 5:

5. Medium

One of the Useful Apps In Lockdown For Android when it comes to reading on content. The best thing about Medium is that it’s written by experts in their fields. You should know that they’ve written this out of real-life experiences and not some editorial kind of thing. All the content writers are trying to make sense out of something, that’s why the content on medium just makes so much more sense and it’s so relatable. There’s just no stopping once you start and trust me on this one. Once you start reading content on medium then every other story that you see is so compelling. It makes you want to read more and there are multiple genres or topics of interest that you could opt and it’s a great source for knowledge and inspiration.

Useful Apps In Lockdown 6:

6. Google Podcasts

The next app is called Google podcasts and I think podcasts are an excellent way of learning without actually having to invest dedicated time. I mean all you have to do is plug in your phones and then you could pretty much be running house chores, you could be out for a walk or you could be exercising and still be learning something simultaneously. That’s what’s great about google podcasts, I mean any podcasts. Google podcast is a free app that allows you to listen to podcasts from anywhere around the world and pretty much on any topic. So you can search for your favorite podcasters or you could look for podcasts for a topic of your interests and then you can subscribe and start listening. You can always download episodes if you want to and you can listen to them offline.

Useful Apps In Lockdown 7:

7. Udemy

The next app is udemy. I mean it’s got professional courses about pretty much anything that you want to learn. It has got a hundred thousand courses that you could choose from out of which six thousand are actually free. A bunch of them are actually less than $20 and quite honestly I think it’s a great time to be learning and adding new skills to your skillset. Be it programming, content marketing, or photography. I mean anything that you’ve ever wanted to turn your passion into some sort of a career. It’s a great time and that’s where something like udemy fits really well.

If you are trying to learn something new about website, then check out GetHindi. They have many tutorials in hindi.

Useful Apps In Lockdown 8:

8. The Pattern

The next app is called the pattern and it gives you a pretty unique and in-depth analysis of your personality. It takes inputs like time and date of birth and then it gives you information that helps you understand your personality, your behavior and also help evolve yourself into a better version of yourself. The reviews in the app have been extremely positive with people voting for the accuracy of the app and so I decided to give it a try and it’s just like a modern spin to astrology. Hopefully, you’ve got the time right now to try something out like this and see if it makes sense for you.

And that’s it guys, those were eight apps that I think it would really help you go through this period of lockdown. Make the most of your time and at the same time learn as you.

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