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8 S Pen uses that will make your smartphone usage easier

Galaxy unpack 2020 is just a few days away and you know what that means, new notes gonna be announced and that’s something I’m always excited for. Over several years Samsung has fine-tuned the note lineup. They’ve catered it out with their best AMOLED panels by giving it some outstanding cameras and basically made it into a software and hardware combination that has set the bar for flagships everywhere.

But these are not what make the note lineup special. I mean you could get these things with other devices, say for example Samsung’s own series. so what does set a note apart? it’s this the S Pen. And the s pen uses.

Now let’s go over some of the best features and the uses of s-pen that bring to the table. The things that you just can’t get with other phones is that what I want to really talk about right now.

1. Degree Of Precision (One of the best s pen uses)

Have you ever tried to scroll through a spreadsheet on your phone, let me tell you it’s really frustrating. It’s not just spreadsheets but it’s basically anything that requires a certain degree of precision. It’s here that the s pen shines, scroll around or tap on things.

This is one of the very good uses of S Pen. You can even hold the button to select a bunch of them to work as you want it to be. The convenience and the precision that you get with the s pen is really impressive even after so many years. It’s still unrivaled on smartphones even considering flagships. The other thing is you can also use smart select to extract text from an image.

A lot of times you may feel like don’t want to share the image but you want to share what’s actually written on it. So again pull out the S Pen and use smart select to draw around it. It’ll give you the option to extract text and when you do that you get that text which you can then copy.

2. Editing Photos Or Videos

S Pen Uses

Now talking about processing, You would definitely love how you can cut out small chips or annotate screens whenever you want to. If you’re more creative than me and want to sketch, then the 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity make it amazing to doodle. It’s even quite easy to edit small video clips. On the recent notes, the included video editor can do most of the basic things like cutting clips adding background music and filters, etc.

The other thing that’s great about the S Pen is that it’s a great tool to crop anything. It could be a piece of an article, it could be a picture on Instagram or it could be anything. Just pull out the S Pen and use smart select as the option and just drag around that particular thing that you want to cut. You even get the option to share it instantly.

3. Preview By Hovering

Talking about the video, when you have a lot of pictures and videos in your gallery you can also preview them. Hover over them and see the previews, Samsung calls this aerial view. Well, it’s not groundbreaking but once you start using it you know how much easier it makes life. Especially if you have a ton of images and videos to deal with. It even lets you preview emails and messages.

4. Using as Remote (camera shutters)

S Pen Uses

Now from airview, we move on to erections. This is one of Samsung’s newer additions which helps convert the s pen into a remote control of sorts. We can use it to select apps to perform various functions. For example with music flick up and down to control volume left or right. You can also switch tracks bu using your S pen. It even works with the camera app to switch modes. Especially you will love the remote shutter function for taking group pictures.

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5. Air Gestures. (New S pen uses)

Air gestures are just a lot of fun in general. I’m sure you guys know that we can customize this command wheel. The key also doubles as a shortcut key, for example holding on it will launch the camera app by default. You can generally switch it to notes because it is very easy taking quick notes.

6. Taking Notes

This S Pen uses will help you not having to type but the handwriting recognition here is top-notch and you can just tap on to get it converted to text. So that You can move it over to docs and use it in the future. While taking on notes, the memo and live messages are also cool little options to have.

Most Galaxy Note users don’t use their s pen and I understand it because they don’t feel the need for it, but it is more useful if you actually use it. Most important and the most useful S Pen feature is the ability to pull it out and just make a note right on the fly. No app required and no set required for this. You also get the option to have different colors on this screen of the memo.

7. Creating Remainders.

The other thing is you can pin this reminder to your always-on display so if there’s anything that’s important and you want it to be upfront on your always-on display you can just pin it and it’s gonna stay there for 30 minutes. you know sometimes you just want to keep something in front of you for reference like a phone number.

Like an address or even an email address, it could be like a lot of things that you just want in front of you for reference. For example, you can just make up an address that you want to have in front of you. You can just do it by using the S Pen in a quick phase. It could be for anything it’s just easier that you can use other apps and this would continue to overlay. You can minimize it and have around just go to that app and then call it back and use it.

8. Screen Recording

You can also use the s-pen extensively while you are recording your phone screen. let’s say you enable screen recording which by the way is a native feature in the Samsung phones. While you are recording the screen you can use the s-pen to highlight stuff. This is so helpful as it has saved so much more time. You don’t even have to edit to explain a lot of these things.

Once you are done with the recordings, you save that recording, and then you can share it using WhatsApp or email. The person on the other side can watch that video and they can exactly see what you need them to focus one. When you use the s-pen the person at the other end can now bring their focus to what you really want to. This is one of the best S Pen Uses.

So, that’s all for the uses of S Pen guys. Let me know about your favorite use of S Pen in the comments. Share this post to your friends, let them get to know about the Uses of S Pen.

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