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5 methods to recover deleted WhatsApp images.

Many important images from office may get deleted without our knowledge. Here are the ways to recover deleted WatsApp images.

There may be a smartphone without internet but there are no smartphones without WhatsApp. Oops WhatsApp is a elephant in the room.

Smartphone without WhatsApp is a Guinness record.

We are also sharing very important messages through WhatsApp. We especially share images through WhatsApp.
Very important images are sent in WhatsApp groups. If those images are deleted unknown. How can we recover the deleted WhatsApp images.

Here is the answer from scopelearner (how to recover deleted WhatsApp images).

There are many ways to recover this images but to be straight the chances are very low in all of the methods. But we can try to recover those images instead of doing nothing. There are no straight method from WhatsApp for recovering deleted WhatsApp images. You may already know one of this method and may alsoalso d know the following method. Hope this article helps you.

#1st method to recover deleted WhatsApp images:

This method will work if the image you want to recover is shared in a group. In the new WhatsApp update there are two options for deleting. Delete for me and delete for everyone. 

If you send the message. Maybe one of your members in your group have a copy of the image. Ask him to forward you. This method is the easiest one and you may already know but there are people who doesn’t know this method.

#2nd method to recover deleted WhatsApp images:

From the WhatsApp backup.WhatsApp backup is introduced by WhatsApp for those who change their smartphones often. This method will work only if you have linked your Google drive with WhatsApp. 

Note: This method will work only if you have linked Google drive before deleting the image.

This is a very easiest way for who have enabled backup option before deleting the image.

#3rd method to recover deleted WhatsApp images:

This method is also for people who have allowed Google drive to sync WhatsApp chat. In the WhatsApp chat backup section you can find the time when your WhatsApp is backuped lastly. If the photo was there on WhatsApp before the last backup this method will definitely work for you.
Step 1: just uninstall your WhatsApp application.
Step 2: install WhatsApp again from play store.
Step 3: after launching WhatsApp allow WhatsApp to recover from Google drive.

This method have a chance for getting back the image.

Note: however you recover your photo the messages or images which is after the last backup will be lost. Show me cute to backup those things before uninstalling the application.

#4th method to recover the deleted WhatsApp image:

There are chances for the image to be saved in phones local storage. To check this open any file manager and go to WhatsApp-sent items- images.
There are better chances of recovering the image from this method.

#5th method to recover the deleted WhatsApp image:

If you think that the particular image you have Searching is deleted from your mobile then there are softwares to get it back. But these softwares are very low in free of cost in this digital market. Even the chances are low in mobile softwares.
Also try to connect smartphone to a PC and try to use recovery software of the PC. This have a better chance than mobile softwares.

Hope one of these methods helped you to recover your deleted WhatsApp images. even if any of the method is not working for you then be say for the next time and take a backup right now.

 Also share to your friends who was searching to to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp. if you need more posts like this subscribe to scopelearner and sharing is caring.

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