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5 Easy Ways To Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Hey reader, if you are relatively new to Galaxy phones or to Android customizations, then this post should be helpful to you guys. Remember that now there are a number of ways you can Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. This will polish up your Galaxy phone look and the way you interact with it. In this post, I’ll focus on just customizing the looks and not any complex customizations. But guys before we move on, please ensure to share this post after reading if it felt useful to you. Now, let us Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

1. Changing Theme to Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

The first and the simplest thing you can do to customize your galaxy phone is to apply a theme. This is the easiest thing you can do to Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphones. The theme just changes your always-on display, gives you a new wallpaper, applies a new icon pack, and changes the way your apps look. For example your phone dialogue, your gallery, your notification panel changes, and even your system settings. The way they look it changes the complete feel of using the Samsung Galaxy phones by customization. There are millions of themes available in the galaxy store so, feel free to explore. If you really like a theme and it’s a paid one, you could actually apply for a trial and then you can pay for it if you like it. Just apply a theme and it will Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphones.

2. Try New Wallpapers

Of course, you may still want to change your wallpaper and that’s something you can do every day. There are really just two apps that I want to recommend for you guys. The first one is WallRod and the other one is AmoledPix.

Recommended Apps For Wall Papers:

1. WallRod

WallRod is great for artificially rendered and crazy high-quality colorful vibrant wallpapers. They are so well suited for AMOLED phones, especially like your galaxy phone. You can see the collection yourself in a purely epic and unique collection. But let me add that it is available for about two dollars and it’s definitely worth the money. you may still not want to pay for a wallpaper app and in that case, I’m going to leave a free wallpaper app as a second option.

2. AmoledPix

The next app is AmoledPix, This suits if you’re looking for some really well-photographed pictures and high-quality wallpapers. This is the best app for easily customizing your Samsung Galaxy phones, it’s free and it has like a very well-curated collection of beautiful wallpapers. Just install it and it will Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphones for sure.

3. Change Your Icon Pack

Next, you should definitely change the icon pack on your phone. When you install an app, you get an app icon in your app drawer and they’re like a very normal one. Bunch of icon packs is available and you can also download really fancy icon packs from the Play Store. Some times it is free and sometimes it is paid. Paid ones make your phone look a lot more vibrant and colorful and more thematic. You know like they all look kind of similar and it just looks really nice of optimal wallpapers. Now I have a couple of those listed below and you may like it. But if you need still more unique icons, simply go into the Play Store and download these once you do like. You should just tap on an icon pack and you see that you can apply beautiful icon packs. I have listed my two favorites once below and they may be between $1 or $2 at most. But it’s totally worth it and it’s a great way to support these designers and developers who do put a lot of effort to make these icon packs and to update them regularly.

Recommended Icon Packs:

1. DarkMatter

DARKMATTER comes with smooth, interesting icons that are sketched with a black outline. This makes the icons attain out on moderately on every wallpaper. DARKMATTER includes more than 3,000 icons to pick from. It looks like someone drew the icons and colored them in.

2. CandyCons – Icon Pack

CandyCons is an interesting and enjoyable icon pack that is sparked by Google’s Material Design language. This icon pack contains more than 1,000 icons and multiple color variants. There are more interesting icons for some apps. Google has moved to more uniform round icons, but CandyCons allows you to customize icons of every app to be its own unique shape.

4. Nova Launcher

There are some really good-looking beautiful icon facts available in the Play Store. But to able to apply these icon packs, you’re gonna need Nova Launcher. Just download it from play store, it’s free and it doesn’t eat battery life. You don’t need to root your mobile and it’s safe and it’s really popular. Once you set it up, go to your app drawer and tap Nova Launcher then you’ll see your home screen that’s fairly empty. You’ll have to repopulate that, but that wouldn’t take you more than a minute. Just tap and long press and drag the apps from your App drawer on to the home screen. Once you’re done, just long-press on the home screen on the empty area then go into settings and then click on look and feel. Over there, you’ll be able to then change your icon pack.

5. Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphones From Settings.

Go to settings
Go to settings

If you don’t want to download any app, there are still quite a few things you can do within your phone. You can actually customize your Samsung Galaxy phones right from your default settings. You can change the way it looks and behaves in the setting without installing an app. There are some minor customizations that you can make without downloading anything on your galaxy phone.

1. Look Of Clock

You can go into lock screen settings and then into clock settings. From there you can change the colors of the clock and as well as the type or the style of the clock. These settings may seem very flat but these are those which you can actually see all the time on your always-on display.

2. Lock screen Notifications

You can also change the way your notifications look on the lock screen. Whether you want just icons or do you want details, do you want the background to be transparent, or do you want a background image, There you can opt for a dynamic lock screen that is varying the wallpaper on the lock screen so that it keeps changing every time. So you know that’s sort of a dynamic wallpaper option, that you can enable without downloading anything. You can also go into display settings and then turn on edge lighting. Every time you get a notification from a specific app, your phone would have nice fun lighting around the edges of the phone. Yeah, you can obviously customize the color for each app and then that notification comes in and looks really good on your always-on display. Whenever you turn on your device, the first thing you see is the Lock Screen. So, Customize Samsung Galaxy Smartphone lock screen to get a better look right from when you turn on the device.

All the customizations I spoke about are applicable to a lot of Android smartphones. These customizations are specific to Galaxy phones. As I said before all of this was at a very basic level and there are more complex customizations you can do than this. As always don’t forget to drop a comment on this post and share your love.

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