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#5 best offline games like PUBG for mobile Under 100MB free

Hey Gamers, this is Elango with a list of offline games like PUBG. All the games I have Listed are free to play and downloadable for Under 100MB.

A statistic analysis says that around 20-40% of mobile gamers who played PUBG have sifted to various other battle royal games due to many reasons. The main reason is the storage and the next is unavailability of Internet connection.

We are to help you out the 5 best handpicked offline games like PUBG. You may also feel that there are other games with better graphics and better gameplay. But we have listed the games which have atleast PUBG accent into it and can be a alternative for PUBG mobile.

Instead of Further wasting the time let’s get into the topic.

Are you not a PUBG player? Are you a Free Fire Player and searching for offline games Like free Fire. Then check this out.

Here is the List Of Offline games like PUBG Under 100MB

#1 Pixel Royal.

Development by the indie game studio. This is one of the Best offline games like PUBG under 100 MB.

Far from realistic, but SUPER beautiful pixel art!
Take a look at this online shooter, pixel games and you will fall in love with nice pixel graphics!

  • ROYALE SURVIVOR: With more players and 3-5 minute matches it’s a whole lot of great fun! No waiting in lobbies; no complicated menus to navigate. Just play, parachute, loot, and survive!
  • BATTLEGROUND: Bigger map size; Grand map size, that’s what we have, it’s surrounded by the mountains and dead zone. 
  • TONS OF ITEMS: Will randomly drop from the sky, so search the ground thoroughly! Survive by collecting more guns so you have an advantage over other players.
  • This is not just a Game. This Is Crazy Fun Battle Royale Arena.
gameplay image

#2 Firing Squad Battleground: Offline Shooting Games.

Legends let’s play best of google play games the real action offline shooting games, 2019 lovers of modern world war, Firing Squad Battleground shooter 3d will combat in intense free to fire shooting game. Sniper Legacy Survival battleground occupied by the unknown squad in battleground war will fight for survival to be the last player standing in survival firing battleground.

Intense Offline Game Like PUBG

This intense action shooting gameplay of modern world war FPS battle of sniper legacy Firing Squad Battleground offline shooting games lets players of firing parachute onto an island in a survival game, loot, and scavenge weapons, supplies and other survival war equipment for ultimate survival in shooting battleground games. The squad shooter in shooting battleground has to win this Last Survival Game. Defeat your rivals in epic firing and gun shooting games and get ready to explore the battleground land, loot, survive, craft, shoot and do whatever it takes to survive the legacy in Firing Squad Battleground Shooter 3D.

Legacy Shooter

Be the last standing players of a firing squad in a battleground where you get the most realistic gameplay experience in Firing Squad Battleground legacy sniper shooter 3d. This intense shooting battle requires to be a tactically rich player as you are in the middle of night shooting battleground survival and saving legacy is your ultimate aim. This modern world war survival game forces you to survive until your last breath in an unknown squad shooting game.

FPS gameplay

FPS battle. Be the survival hero in this free shooting game 2019 and explore the battleground play area using a map. Follow the rules of gun games to survive war using lethal weapons and realistic ballistic and incinerate your enemies in the survival shooting game. Survive the battle with perfect ambush in offline game Firing Squad Battleground free shooting games 2019. This is one of the Best offline games like PUBG under 100 MB.

Thrilling and Epic Gameplay

Enjoy FPS Battle of 2019 battleground survival Firing Squad Battleground to a thrilling epic scale. Fight with rivals in intense shooting battle in survival battleground and defeat the unknown shooting players. Action shooter let’s play and combat for your survival in battleground shooting games


  • High-Quality Graphics & engaging sound effects!
  • Scavenge and loot weapons, supplies, and equipment!
  • Battle against the unknown squad in the best shooting game!
  • Explore the vast battleground as a survival shooter!
  • Survive in Firing squad Battleground shooter 3d.

#3 Swag Shooter – Online & Offline Battle Royale Game.

Conquer the action shooting war in the SWAGGY SURVIVOR style!!
Swag Shooter takes you to the swaggy journey on the survival battlegrounds. Experience the helicopter landing on the battlefield with 3 chances to survive till the end. Fight against all the shooters with loaded guns to be the ultimate SWAG SHOOTER!! This is one of the Best offline games like PUBG under 100 MB.

Be the Last Survivor

Triumph the action shooting war by surviving in the getting play zone of the action fields. Defeat every player with specialized tactics and strategies to reach the best online and offline multiplayer game of the year. 
Experience the action with a high range of weapons, speedy vehicles, and strong explosives.

Brace yourself for the extreme First-person shooter multiplayer war. Pull up your guns, aim your target, and shoot them to death. Get an Experience the ultimate search and loot on the big maps of new war games.
Enjoy the FPS war even in an offline manner.


  • Realistic 3D gameplay with rich both graphically as well as skillfully.
  • High-quality audio and immersive 3D sound effects, giving the thrilling experience of action survival battleground.
  • Modern customizable UI with much more detail setting, being user friendly.
  • Gameplay with best First Person Shooter mode in top free new gun games.
  • Swag Shooter gives you a perfect timing system with amazing crates and bonuses.
  • Smooth and easy adaptive controls of the top free shooting games.


  • Wide range of scope including 2x, 4x, and 6x giving high precision to the guns of Swag Shooter. 
  • Load up on modern weaponry like Sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, pistols, and launchers giving each player a distinct shooting experience of action games. 
  • It also serves a high and low-quality setting of map letting you play under every low-end mobile device. 
  • The new swag characters enhance the action, and each equipped with different powers to play in survival games.
  • New and special hidden loot places to equip yourself fully in this special war shooter.


  • Create your private room and team up with your friends to fight against all other players in the free battleground shooting game.
  • Defeat opponents in the team as well as individually in different modes in modern gun games.
  • Challenge your friends worldwide into the best FPS action combat, Swag Shooter.
  • Varied AI behavior makes each player unique and challenging to follow the rules of survival and take war games to victory.


  • Rush into the Express trains to escape to the safe zone and explore the best FPS shooting game places.
  • Boost your performance with Power Pack like acoustic armor, high jump, and dynamic weaponry. 
  • Win the ultimate title “SWAGGER” and get amazing powers like storm survival power and enemy detector. 
  • A helicopter arrives at certain time intervals to open the biggest loot holes in the action gun games.
  • Save yourself from the moving storm and firing turrets of the survival battlegrounds.
  • Happy fireworks in the form of rockets, to create the eye-catching visual experience and a strategy of shooting games.

So, join the Swag Shooter, explore in a swaggy way and be the ultimate Swagger. Turn the cold war into the blistering action war with your fire and gunshots. This is one of the Best offline games like PUBG under 100 MB.

Get through the enhancing standards of common battleground survival shooting games this new year by surviving to the fittest. 

Experience full action-adventure of the modern warfare on the hopeless land for epic Battle Royale Games.

#4 Battleground Fire Game: Fire Free Gun Games 2020

For legends to survive these top action games 2019 will take you to the battleground to fire freely for the survival as sniper hero in the best offline shooting games with amazing battleground free to fire war in this best action game 2019. Battleground Fire Free Shooting Games is a third-person shooter for the lovers of squad commando battleground shooting games and team shooting squad, war games where survival is the only way to victory.

Battle against the terrorist forces and unknown co-ops counter-terrorists in legends battleground shooting game. All you need is a critical strike against the enemy squad to have the best shooting experience in this third-person shooting gun games 2019.

TPS Squad Team

Best action games 2019 is here to challenge you into the ultimate battleground of free to fire shooting games where you land into the survival battleground to battle as a co-ops team. Protect your teammate while you handle this critical strike mission. TPS squad team war against the best shooting game players into the battleground for an unknown mission. This is one of the Best offline games like PUBG under 100 MB.

Be the survival hero and fight till the last moment you live. Win the thrilling FPS battle and the epic war against the terrorist forces. Utilize the commando skills you have in this best shooting gun game. Be the perfect gun shooter 3d, fight for legacy, survive the battle, ready, aim, fire with the best weaponry is available in your vault in the best sniper game.


  • Amazing Graphics & Gameplay Story.
  • Co-ops Mission against the Terrorist Forces.
  • Explore the Battleground to be the Last Survival.
  • Amazing Character Selection to Choose Best One.
  • Experience Best Shooting Games with Survival Game.

#5 Royale Battle Survivor

 Subdue your fear of war & deploy your gun shooting squad into the Royale battlefield to encounter enemies. 
You will be inserted onto the battleground from the air and have to find the weaponry, health kit and food to survive. This is one of the Best offline games like PUBG under 100 MB.
Explore your mind tactics in this and collect advanced armor. 
Snipe from the distance & get close to the enemy to crush them right in their play zone. It’s a prelude to a massive mobile battle royale that you have ever seen in an arena game.

Note*: all these games are offline but these games are like PUBG. These games may definitely disappoint you in terms of graphics and controls. So I apologize if you get dissatisfied because of me.

#From the author: This list is based on my opinion so if you guys have any other suggestions please let me know in the comment section

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