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5 Best Call Of Duty Mobile Controllers

Call Of Duty Mobile has become very popular and gamers went mad at this game. COD pro’s started realizing that their hands don’t have enough fingers to play as fast as they need. That is when gamers started sticking around the game controllers.

Yeah, It feels exactly like dishonesty but on COD mobile, it gives you a huge advantage in playing. Most of them started buying game controllers and later started realizing that they bought a wrong controller for COD.

So, we are here to help you guys, this is the list of highly recommend Game controllers for Call Of Duty. This is the 5 Best Call of Duty mobile Controllers and You guys go ahead and check this thing out.

5 Best controllers for COD Mobile (consider buying):

1. COOBILE Mobile Game Controller

This is a well designed 3-in-1 game controller. It includes gamepads, game triggers, and mobile phone holders. It is very useful for 3 or 4 finger claw players and it has good reviews on Amazon.

You can be flipped up the game trigger by 180°. This allows you to set up the game and operate the screen. COOBILE controller can hold mobile phones with 4.5-6.5 inch screen size and the width of the phone should not exceed 3.35inch.

Screen Size:4.5-6.5 inch

2. GOFOYO K21 Mobile Game Controller

GOFOYO K21 is a new mobile game controller that includes  gamepads, game triggers, and mobile phone holders into one. This has Comfortable handle, long-term game, alloy trigger, Fire while moving.

This COD game controller suits best for 4 fingers operate at the same time so you are faster than your enemy. With all these features GOFOYO gives you better gaming experience.

Screen Size:4.5-6.5 inch

3. GameSir Mobile Game Controller G6

GameSir Controller works Great for mobile FPS & MOBA games. This controller has high sensitivity and Low latency which gives you wonderful gaming experience. GameSir mobile Gaming Touchroller has a two-stage retractable structure design.

You can play games on Android 6.0 or later and length less than 6.57 in. Right out of the box, you would get the layout of the 3D joystick which is used by professional players. You can play up to 80 hours in one charge which puts this as one of the best controllers for Call Of Duty.

Screen Size:Less Than 6.57

4. DELAM Mobile Game Controller

Have you ever wondered about playing in 5 or more finger control layout? Here is the new DELAM Mobile Game Controller that supports 6 finger control setup. It has a 180° FLIP DESIGN to CONDUCTIVE TOUCH HEAD. You can Rotate touch head for easy installation of the phone and customize buttons layout.

This controller comes with a stretchable grip that makes it compatible with all 4.7-6.5” phones. The charging dock is well placed which allows you to play games even while charging.

Screen Size:4.7-6.5

5. EMISH Mobile Game Controller

This is a unique Call Of Duty Mobile game controller in this list. Unlike other controllers, this looks like just a framed trigger, but don’t underestimate it just by the look. This works great for people who need the exact feel of holding a phone. It works fine on nearly all the android and iOS devices.

These mobile triggers are sensitive to shoot and aim which gives you the ability to play fast. There is no Power supply and driver needed. It is one of a call of duty mobile best controller.

Screen Size:All the devices

Well, that is all about this list guys. Even if the controllers are used, the real good players can outstand anyone in the game. Most of the controllers would have different sensitivity out of the box, you should change it or just adapt to it.

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