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5 Best Apps For WhatsApp Status Making On Android!

There are many apps for WhatsApp status making and working on it is easy, fast, and free. Why do you need an awesome status? It’s because you can access to a large audience, with nearly all the mobile users update their status on a daily basis. But there’s a lot of apps for WhatsApp status making and you may end up confused in choosing between them. There are people who update a new status every minute and most of the statuses are very repulsive. So to succeed in creating an uncommon status, you must truly stand out from the crowd.

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At first, you should remember that the status can be an image or a video and we are going to list both of them. You can have real freedom in choosing what type of app you need for WhatsApp status Making for android. Now you can actually create statuses just like Snapchat stories. You can do a lot of things in WhatsApp itself like adding emojis, cool-looking text, Images, and many more.

But that is not all you can do to create a cool status. You need third-party apps for editing Images and Videos or just add a music track to them. You may come across people who upload statuses that had watermarks of some other apps. So, I would also be telling you apps from which you can download ready-made WhatsApp status for free.

So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Best Apps For WhatsApp Status Making:

1. Canva: Graphic Design

There aren’t much going on WhatsApp’s status screen in terms of colors and fonts that you can add up on your status. Try something like Canva to add text with a wide range of font options. You do have a lot of gradient colors that Canova that makes designing amazingly simple. You can start creating stunning designs with your photos and videos even if you’re not a design expert! looks very cool on status.

Working on Canva is very simple, you can start right from scratch or with a template. Believe me, those templates are really good and it will help you very well in WhatsApp status. Canva provides image sizes for all social media or otherwise, you can add custom image size. You can also add color blocks in different shades like light pink, mauve, teal, etc. These color shades are more useful in creating an attractive status.

Canva is very useful for other things like posters and presentations for your social media. It is super easy to use and You will definitely enjoy how you can customize each and every component of your template. If you are searching for the best Apps For WhatsApp Status Making with pictures, then Canva is itself enough for you. You can continue reading to about other best Apps For WhatsApp Status Making.

2. InShot: (Add elements like stickers and Music)

The trend of uploading a daily life event is a usual thing on WhatsApp. But while doing this the video must contain music effects and stickers otherwise the video would look plainer and nothing engaging. To add such music effects and stickers, you need a video editor like InShot. While talking about video editors, you don’t need an app like Kinemaster as you are not going to edit anything more serious. Moreover, InShot has everything you need for making your WhatsApp statuses like transitions, music, animation stickers, and cool fonts.

InShot is one of the best apps for making your WhatsApp Status. You will learn new skills and tricks every time you use it. Working on the app is very simple and self-explanatory. The User Interface of Inshot is clean but you won’t get on board timer but it is not a big deal as you are creating a video of 30 seconds.

  • You can use Inshot for:
    1. Adding Super Transitions in between the video clips.
    2. Adding Music Effects and voice-overs to make your status more comic.
    3. Animation stickers and text.
    4. Add Video effects and control the speed of the playback. You can also use this feature for making a timelapse status.

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3. Pixart: (Edit Images For WhatsApp Status)

Next up we have one of a very popular app, Picsart. For those who don’t know what Picsart does, well, you are far from photo editing on mobile. Pixart is basically a photo editing app in which you can do a lot of things like creating Collage or adding filters on your photo. You can use this app for increasing the attractiveness of your photo to showcase your status. There are many editing elements that you get only on professional photo editing software. Working on Picsart may look complicated at the beginning but on further use, you will definitely fell in love with this app.

You can also find edited images of other Picsart users on the community tab. The cool part about that is that you can apply those effects on your images within a few taps. You can even remix those edited images into your own style and post them to showcase. Picsart is one of the best apps for WhatsApp status making only if you put down your creativity.

Made In Picsart
  • You can start Using Picsart for:
    • Editing any kind of photos with hundreds of tools.
    • Reapply effects of other photos edits on Picsart.
    • Remix free to edit images into your style.
    • Making COLLAGES in grids and man other things.

4. StoryZ Photo Animation.

Have you ever wondered how you can Make your pictures move and come to life? Well, StoryZ does it for you. You can’t use this type of effect on all kinds of images but you can use them in certain situations to animate as it is moving. This app works under the principle of wrapping the colors and moving them in an intelligent manner. This is like a kind of VFX, not a professional one but it is kind of cool to have it in your status. This app suits you even if you are a beginner and using it is very simple.

Using it smartly would make your image far more better than the original one. There are just three steps to bring your image to life.

  • Choose your Image from your gallery and crop it as much as you needed.
  • Mask around the places to which you want to be stable when exporting.
  • Choose the elements in the image that you need to be moving and after doing this, justhit save.

StoryZ is one of a unique app for making your WhatsApp status and it would be more useful for people who create music statuses. You can also add other overlay elements that match the environment of the Image and the moving element. Use this and create a mind-blowing motion art.

5. ShareChat (Download Ready Made Status)

Are you tired of creating status? then download one from ShareChat. There are a 25+ category of videos from which you can select from. The app is completely free to use and you can download video statuses for free. Even you can upload videos after creating an account, but there is not much about the default video editor in ShareChat. We are recommending this app for downloading video statuses and not editing videos in it.

ShareChat is already very popular among android WhatsApp users and mainly in India. This app has a vast collection of stickers and elements that look very comic on videos. You can download videos like jokes, Memes, Trolls, Wishes, And Greetings that you can use as a WhatsApp status. ShareChat contains very entertaining content that could attract your audience. Feel free to check it.

  • Features Of ShareChat:
    • Download Amazing status for free.
    • Available in most of the languages and showcases videos according to the selected language.
    • Free to use and has no in-app purchases.

Well, that’s all for the list of best apps for WhatsApp status making on android. All the apps we have discussed are best in their own category. We have not told two apps on the same kind of WhatsApp Status.

  1. Canva: Graphic Designing
  2. InShot: Elements like stickers and Music
  3. PixArt: Editing Photos and refining them.
  4. StoryZ: Photo Animation
  5. ShareChat: Download ready-made status.

I hope you loved this post and share with your friends, spread the love.

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