40 Best fun fact science quiz Questions. 2020

99% failed to answer these science quiz questions. Here are the best science quiz questions. These fun fact science Quiz questions can be answered only by legends.


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Here is the list 1-10:

Science Quiz Question no:1.
Can a aero plane stand stable in middle of the sky?
Answer: No, a aeroplane cannot stand staple in middle of the sky.


Science Quiz Question no:2
Do rainbow form during night?


  1. Answer: yes, it will form at night but your t requires a high medium in air like mist, snow and moonlight. The rainbow formed at night is named as ‘moonbow’


Science Quiz Question no:3
Why do we see insects on green areas?
Answer: Good food and good temperature.


Science Quiz Question no:4
Who is the first successful scientist in the world?
Answer: Galileo Galilee is the first successful scientist in the world.


Science Quiz Question no:5
Which is the first bird to fly on the sky?
Answer: Jeholornis is the first bird to fly.


Science Quiz Question no:6
Which country invented and used the fist matchstick?
Answer: England(found by John walker)


Science Quiz Question no:7
Does the moonlight helps plant at night?
Answer: no, plants need direct sunlight for photosynthes.


Science Quiz Question no:8
Nitrogen is used for preserving the food where as we already have 78% of nitrogen in atmosphere then why do our food get spoilt if kept outside the fridge?
Answer 1: raw nitrogen cannot be used for preserving.
Answer 2: the weight of nitrogen is very less so it will float high in the atmosphere and cannot reach the food.


Science Quiz Question no:9
Does rocks grow?
Answer: yes, rocks can grow because of the addition of resources. It depends on time and environment. It takes thousand years for growth.


Science Quiz Question no:10
Which year does pencil came to existence?
Answer: 1795


Here is the list 10-20:

Science Quiz Question no:11
Which bird lives more years?
Answer: Falcon lives long years.


Science Quiz Question no:12
Presently how many Valdano exist?
Answer: 450 valcanos


Science Quiz Question no:13
Which scanning technology can be used for capturing the image of perfect neural system?
Answer: MRI scan which is magnetic resonance imaging.


Science Quiz Question no:14
Which is the smallest bird in the world?
Answer: the hummingbird.


Science Quiz Question no:15
Which is the slowest reproducing mammals on earth?
Answer: Bats


Science Quiz Question no:16
How many days it will take to reach the moon in a straight line towards sky on a cycle?
Answer: 3years with no stop pedaling.


Science Quiz Question no:17
Which animal have a blue blood?
Answer: lobsters.


Science Quiz Question no:18
How many teeth does mosquitoes have?
Answer: 47 teeth


Science Quiz Question no:19
Which animal can see outside even if there eye lids are closed?


Science Quiz Question no:20
Which animal can live without eating meal for one year?
Answer: crocodile


Here is the list 20-300:

Science Quiz Question no:21
Newborn babies of which animal is called as pinkies.
Answer: mice


Science Quiz Question no:22
Which blood group is called that as universal donor blood?
Answer: o group blood


Science Quiz Question no:23
Who gave lead to modern periodic table?
Answer: Dmitri Mendeleev


Science Quiz Question no:24
What are the toxic gases in acid rain?
Answer: So2 (Sulphur dioxide) and no2 or no3(nitrogen oxides)


Science Quiz Question no:24
Which metal melts at room temperature?
Answer: mercury


Science Quiz Question no:26
What is the compound that is used in lead pencils?
Answer: graphite


Science Quiz Question no:27
What can dissolve gold?
Answer: aquaregia


Science Quiz Question no:28
What is the purest structure of element carbon?
Answer: graphite


Science Quiz Question no:29
Which element is a compound in sweat?
Answer: sulphur


Science Quiz Question no:30
Spygmomanometer is used to measure?
Answer: blood pressure


Here is the list 30-40:

Science Quiz Question no:31
Which gas is released in fields and marshess?


Science Quiz Question no:32
Micro chips are made up of which metal?
Answer: silicon


Science Quiz Question no:33
Which is the longest cell?
Answer: nerve cell


Science Quiz Question no:34
Central science is a name given to which science?
Answer: chemistry


Science Quiz Question no:35
What is the acid present in human stomach?
Answer: Hydrochloric acid


Science Quiz Question no:36
Any alloys which contain mercury is called as?
Answer: amalgam


Science Quiz Question no:37
Which is the hardest substance available on Eart?
Answer: Dimond


Science Quiz Question no:38
Air is a:


  • compound
  • element 
  • electrolyte 
  • mixture

Science Quiz Question no:39
Soda contains which of the following:
  • Acid
  • CO2
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen
Answer: Co2


Science Quiz Question no:40
Bauxite is an ore of which metal?
Answer: Aluminium

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