30 most interesting and unknown facts about world war II which you don’t know!

Who doesn’t know about world war especially World War 2. When this war begin the superior powered countries have arranged into two major power. This is the time where the first major destruction of the atom bomb took place in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
We get many information from the text books to internet but there are information which you will not know about.

 Here I have listed some 30 interesting, unknown and  weird facts about world war 2 these facts are not available in Wikipedia.

  • Queen Elizabeth II have served as a driver and mechanic to the army.

  • Around 100000 bomber crewmen of allied are killed only in Europe.

  • The animals in American zoo were killed by its own army to reduce the possibility of wild animals to escape from the zoo if the zoo is attacked by bombs.

  • The president of Czechoslovakia suddenly got heart attack after hearing the Germans invasion.

  • A double side agent Joan Garica is a Spanish who got awards from both the sides during the period of war.

  • The prisoners who are prisoned during the world war 2 at Canada were refused to go back to their mother nation because they were treated very nice in the prison.

  • Japanese man named Tsutomu Yamaguchi have survived both the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  • A Nazi spy led on a wild Goose for spying.

  • 136 generals of Hitler were died in the war in the average of 2 every month.

  • The number of Chinese killed in the war by Japanese is more than the number of Jews in the war.

  • 20,000 bombers were lost in world war II.

  • 50% of total casualties were civilians and majority are children and women.

  • Around 80% of people who have died is only from china, Germany, Russia and Poland which is between 50-70 million.

  • Russia’s siege of stalingard have killed more soldiers and civilians than us and Britain with its full army did in the whole war.

    •  used ‘liberty steak’ instead of ‘hamburger’ in the war because ‘ hamburger’
    •  like a German name.

    • William Hitler served the US Navy who is a nephew if Adolf Hitler.

    • The largest spy ring of Japan is located particularly in Mexico.

    • During the war Russian camps had a mortality rate of 85%.

    • Allies dropped the first ever bomb on Berlin were it have killed the only elephant in the zoo of Berlin.

    • If the third atom bomb is used by US then the target is definitely Tokyo the great city of Japan.

    • An Japanese army intelligence officer Hiroo onoda have never surrendered from 1945-1974 even after the war is ended. He stayed in Philippines during these days and doesn’t know that war is ended.

    • Japanese killed the service men of Germany for the first time in this war.

    • Russia killed the service men of America for the first time in this war.

    • Three sheets of toilet papers were rationed by Britain for a day during world war II.

    • During world war II all the metals were taken for manufacturing weapons so only 139 cars were manufactured during the whole period of world war II but, in 1941 totally 3 million cars were manufactured as an average.

    • 80 person out of 100 German soldiers were killed only on the Eastern front.

    • Only 20% of the males who have participated in the war have survived at the end of the war.

    • Only 2 out of 10 have survived who have served on the u-boat.

    • Calvin Graham was the youngest servicemen of US army where he was only 12 years old.


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