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25 Best Offline Multiplayer Fighting Games for Android.

Hello, gamers. This is Elango with another list of offline games. I just came across some of the best offline multiplayer fighting games. So, I am here to list them up.

Online games are getting popularity easily and just masks offline games each day. We can’t see offline games getting popular these days. But, there is always a craze on offline games.

The classic offline games will always stay in our minds. We saw many offline games for android in the history of android gamers.

The most loved offline multiplayer game is Mini Militia. Do you remember it? The old school days come to our mind.

The days when we call all our local friends to our home and connect each other with WiFi. Playing it very hardcore to make our own friend see win in our face.

But just remember mini militia is no more like what we played those days. Currently, it is completely modern in the user interface.

Just hop into the store and give a try. Maybe you will love it as much as other games you are playing currently.

Let’s get into the list of best offline multiplayer fighting games for android.

#1 Mortal Kombat X

This is one of the classic offline games. It is available in the Play Store for free since 2015.Mortal Kombat X is one of the best offline multiplayer game which you can try with your friend for free.

You can enjoy the multiplayer mode with your friend by connecting to Wifi and Bluetooth. MORTAL KOMBAT MOBILE brings its trademark Fatalities to mobile, with stunning graphics. Assemble an elite team of Mortal Kombat warriors now and prove yourself in the greatest fighting offline game.

#2 Real Steel: World Robot Boxing

This game is one of the most loved fighting games in mobile gaming history. One of my Mumbai friend recommended this game to me and I fell in love with this game very soon. You won’t believe me that I use to play this game late at night.

This game is just based on the movie Real Steel which is one of the reasons why it has become so popular at that time. The game is as awesome as the movie.

#3 Wild Blood

Wild Blood is an action and fantasy game by Gameloft. This game is not free so, you need to pay ₹549 to install. Moreover, you need 2GB of free space on your mobile. If you can sacrifice some money and some extra storage, you can enjoy this amazing game.

You will get the unimaginable battles in real-time, full 3D graphics. Wild Blood has options to get into offline multiplayer fighting battles. Connect with your friend and hop to battles like capturing the flag, deathmatches, and many more. Try once, you will not stop playing.

#4 Worms 2: Armageddon

This game is based on the classic Worms game which was popular back in those days. Worms 2 is based on Pirates and their clashes. You need to pay ₹380 to install the game.

You can fight with your friend by connecting on Wifi and Bluetooth. There are many weapons that are very fun to use. Worms 2 have completed their 8 years in play store. You too will love this game.

#5 Infinite fighters

Infinite fighter is one of my favorite games. This is a Free Android Fighting Game.
The concept of the game is a completely new and amazing interface. It has overcome their hard commands and currently, it has nice controls. So, you no need to memorize any commands in the game.

Infinite Fighter has a Slide Action Control System which we saw in Mortal Kombat X. It allows you to control your character easily. All you need to do is just slide to attack and defend. Each character is very stylish and very dynamic.

#6 The King Of Fighters ’98

A game based on the KOF series. According to me, this is the best game in its series of games. We can play the game with the original 4 key configurations that we used in Classic KOF games.

You can use Bluetooth to connect with your friend to play multiplayer mode. There are more than 30 characters and each has individual abilities and individual powers.

The game is well optimized and has a well-optimized interface. It even has a training mode so you can master all the combos. Try it.

#7 Ragdoll Duel

Ragdoll is a unique game in the list of fighting games. You can play multiplayer mode on one screen. Yes, you and your friend have to use a single screen to fight each other. There are a lot of sub-games included inside this single app.

I used to play this game a year ago. I will just jump into this game whenever my data plan is completed. This game is very fun to play. The graphics are like stickman games but you will definitely love. Worth installing.

#8 Street Fighter IV Champion Edition


This game is just like the original Street Fighter games. The concept of this game is simple, classic street Fighter into Android mobile. Street Fighter is my all-time favorite fighting game. I used to play Street Fighter in Java Mobiles.

At those times the total size of the java game is just 1mb. But it did have all the exciting stuff in it. You can do many fighting stunts and combos.

In the beginning, i used to rapid click the punch kick buttons and win the game.

Later I discovered the real thrilling experience comes only when you observe the enemies attack and block it. You need to play carefully and use different combos. Believe me, there are a hell lot of combos in the game.

#9 BombSquad

Bomb Squad is an action game where it has a lot of mini-games in it. The cool 3D environment keeps us engaged with it. The user interface is very attractive. It supports offline multiplayer mode where you can connect up to 8 peoples at a time.

There are many types of fighting games like pirates, ninjas, barbarian, and many more. I tried this game recently for this article and I liked it. The main thing I love about this game is just its environment. A well-optimized game worth trying.

#10 ZMS Pocket Fight

This is an action-adventure game and has a thrilling experience in it. ZMS differs from most games on this list. I use to play when I am alone to get in the intensive playground.

You can also play this game with your friends nearby by connecting on local WiFi. There are many options like interacting with each other and have fun together.

ZMA supports a maximum of six players at the same time. Hop into the game and give a try.

#11 Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

My all-time favorite offline game. There is no offline game list without Mini Militia. I played it a lot and even currently playing now and there. The best game with a simple user interface. Graphics are 2D fun cartoon themed and have an intense battlefield. Mini Militia is inspired by the original stickman shooter Doodle Army.

You can play online multiplayer mode with up to 6 players in one lobby. The control is as simple as any other game. You have just two controls, one is to control the jetpack and another is for shooting.

I would definitely recommend this game if you are searching for the best offline multiplayer fighting game. Must try!

#12 Knights Fight: Medieval Arena

Medieval Arena is a great game in this game. I recently tried this game. I loved the mechanics and the environment of the game. The graphics are just flawless amazing. There are many cool things that you can discover but only when you play it.

You can play with your friend by using the LAN example Wifi. You can become a knight and Wear your heavy steel armor, grab your sharpened sword, and start your way to glory. Believe me, the game is awesome.

#13 Streets of Rage Classic

This game is just like the classic streets of rage as its name suggests. The graphics, User Interface, and the gameplay are very much similar to the classic game. Sega claims this game as one of their greatest creation.

 There are three playable characters, each with their own strengths and killer combos. They are different with their unique abilities. It supports Local Wi-Fi multiplayer to help you beat the bosses. One of my favorite games of all time. I hope you like it too.

#14 Streets of Rage 2 Classic

The second part in the streets of rage comes with various upgrades and more environment. As the first part, this game also has the theme of the urban brawl. There are four playable characters and each with unique ‘blitz’ attacks. They all are capable of dealing with incredible damage to your enemies.

I use to compare this game and the street fighter since they both are multiplayer fighting games. They both are pretty much similar right from the controls.

If you have ever played street fighter games then this is no big deal to you in winning the matches.

#15 Mighty Fighter 2

Very popular for its funny classic gaming characters. The best game that shows the essence of parody. The gameplay itself is so good. In addition, the concept is very fun and creative. There are more than 50 characters and all of them express the popular gaming figures.

I tried this game just to see all the characters and all of them are very cool. It has become very popular all around the world since its release. I hope you enjoy the offline multiplayer feature also.

#16 Shadow Street Fighting

You can get very cool graphics and vivid sound experience. The fighting moves are very pretty. Around 12 characters are available in-game who have their own special abilities.

The combos are flawless. You must need a better strategy than your friend to win each match. This is one of the game which i mentioned earlier, you must observe your opponent. You should carefully block the attacks instead of rapid click on the attack button.

I enjoyed this game with my friend. It is very similar to the shadow fight but with a multiplayer option. Try it once, you will like it.


Haven’t you tried this game yet? Join the other 29 million people by trying it. It based on the classic metal slug with improvements in graphics. There are More than 200 different characters. You won’t get bored.

 The Characters are from “KOF join the universe of “METAL SLUG”! You can create your own armies. Believe me, enemies are so gigantic and eviler. You can have a 2v2 or 1v1 battles with local Wifi connection.

#18 The King of Fighters ALLSTAR

Made from the original king of fighters with a new story mode unlocked. The new concept of infinite battle is added in this game. You can find the entire characters of KOF series in this single game.

I Allied myself with my friend to take on the bad guys. We work together to form unique strategies to be victorious. I enjoyed this game very much when I play multiplayer mode by connecting Bluetooth. Hope you enjoy it too.

#19 Fling Fighters

There are 5 islands and each Island is defended by a Boss. You’re there to fight for it. You have to become the champion and enjoy the spoils. There are 40 spooky characters to choose between.

Upgrade your character’s card to play Boss fights on every island.

This game supports both Online multiplayer and Free local multiplayer. I tried this game with my friend and got beaten up by boss. If you are expecting some hardcore games, then try this out. It’s too challenging.

#20 Smash Club: Arcade Brawler

You can Endure blockish graphics just like Minecraft. This game supports local & Online co-operative multiplayer. You need to use Use pipes, bombs, dogs, bikes, tanks to smash people. Smash over the head with telephone booths.

The game physics is so cool and funny. There are 50 characters to choose from. Each of them is very cool looking. Try it out. It is free.

#21 Battlemaster Duel 1v1

One of the fun gameplay games. Epic PvP battles for one or two players. Very cool battle mechanics. You can arrange battle fights and PVP duel battle with one device.

This is a play to win-game with cool graphics. All heroes have different weapons and unique abilities. You can experience an intense battle with your friend.

#22 Stickman Fighting 2 – Supreme stickman duel

Find your favorite superhero in this stickman game in a stickman style. Amazing supreme stickman warriors fight in the battle of spider stickman two-player games.

There are a realistic physics and hardcore gameplay in this game. Supreme fight in the intense battle. Play a two-player mode and win new rewards. I had a lot of fun while playing this game.

Download From  Play Store

#23 Two guys & Zombies (bluetooth game)

Do you need your friend to play with you and not against you? Then try Two guys & Zombies. Get hero upgrading and constructions- barricades, turrets, etc.

There are a variety of zombies and various game modes. Fight Zombies to the last drop of blood. Beat many zombies as possible, in order to earn diamonds. You can upgrade your hero with that reward.

#24 Head Boxing ( D&D Dream )

In Head Boxing, you don’t really fight with the head as its name suggests. You can use various abilities and unique powers in the match. This game have a very comic fighting theme.

The sound effects are very cool and sensitive. Each character has their own facial expression which is very excellent. I enjoyed this game. If you need to play street fighter but in a comic battle, then this game is for you.


This is the 4th KOF game in this fighting game list. Yeah, KOF offers the best offline multiplayer fighting games for android. The unique game modes and unique multiplayer modes deserve to exist in this list.

This game has two different modes, EXTRA and ADVANCED. Master the system that fits you the best. You will definitely enjoy this game and never get bored.

I hope you love this game list. If you have any other game that needs to be placed in this game, then leave it in the comment section.

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