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Top 10 Best Notification Apps for Android 2020

Android have improved gradually and it is nothing like how it was in 2008. Every thing right from design has changed a lot. The notifications and notification bar is no exception. Notification from our phone is a useful feature and sometimes it controls our life. For example, we stop doing any activities instantly on hearing the notification sound. This seems to be disturbing or sometime unorganized, so we are here with the best Notification Apps for Android.

We can’t see in the stock android notification design on our phones as the phone manufacturer puts on his UI. We should also remember that we can’t use some of the best features that Google offers in its stock android. But, one of the great thing about android is you can customize it. You can customize it to look like gamers mobile or a techy mobile or pretty much whatever you want.

There are a lot of android apps that helps you to customize notification or organize the notification that you receive. Most of them are useless as our default settings can do most of it. But, there are useful apps that will help your notification experience. So, here we go with the best Notification Apps for Android.

Best Notification Apps for Android:

1. Shouter – Notification Reader

Best Notification Apps for Android

There are few instances in our daily life where we want to check out the notifications, but we can’t. Driving for example is one such place where you just can’t take your phone out each and every time you receive a new notification. Even if you managed to check out the notification, it could be a promotional message.

What if you got an assistant that could just read out every single notification that you receive. It’s true that Google Assistant can read out something’s but it can’t read notifications that we get. This app called shouter can do this for you. At first, you need to select down the apps to which shouter should read out the notification.

This app does some smart things like reading down the whole messages and caller name announcement while the phone is ringing. There are many other apps like Audiofy, but this app seems more handy and flexible. This app would be very helpful for people who do a lot of riding and definitely this is one of the best smart notification app for android.

Shouter – Notification Reader

2. Snowball Smart Notifications

Snowball is a very useful notification app because it does smart things. There are many options that you can tweak to get better notification experience. It prioritizes important notifications, such as messages, email, and calendar on the top of your notification. This could be a very useful option for those who receive a lot of notifications. It maintains a unified inbox from which you can reply to all of your social media at one place.

You can hide annoying notifications, and spam messages but you will never miss the important ones. This app has fast reply options to WhatsApp or Facebook. Moreover, the app itself is a true beauty. The user interface and app notification design are spotless. It gives us the ability to manage non-stop app notifications. This app gives us a very little customization opportunity, but hey, this app does what it is built for.

Snowballs come with an option called travel assist from which you can check out the prices of services like Uber. This allows the users to check out the cost and time right from the notification shade. Well, this is sleek and handy feature that most of us would love using.

Best Notification Apps for Android

Snowball Smart Notifications

3. NotifyBuddy – AMOLED Notification Light

NotifyBuddy - AMOLED Notification Light

NotifyBuddy is a very useful app for those who don’t have notification LEDs in your phone. Notification LEDs are very simple yet very useful piece of tech in or phone. But, to increase the screen to body ratio, smartphone companies started to remove in most of the devices. This is when NotifyBuddy comes in and helps out people.

Basically this app uses a small portion of your screen to show notifications from different apps. You can change the colour or the logo that needs to be displayed. Moreover, this app works in both LCD and AMOLED displays. However, the notifications on amoled is far better than on LCDs. It is not recommended using this app on LCDs because it turns on whole display and consumes more battery.

Setting up of this app is really simple and if you need help in that, check out “How to get On-Screen LED notification on Any Android“. We have already made a detailed description of this app. This of one of the best notification apps for android as it gives an opportunity to get on-screen notifications.

NotifyBuddy – AMOLED Notification Light

4. FilterBox – Pro Notification Manager

Next up on or list is one of the best smart notification app for android. FilterBox gives us a variety of options related to notification filters and analytics. With FilterBox you can keep all notification history and free flow in the form of timeline. This is one of the best feature because you can easily keep in track with all of your notifications. It is very helpful for me because sometimes I accidentally swipe away notifications.

The other interesting feature is that, you can actually get a statical data of your notifications. You can check out for number of notifications you receive from each app. There is an option for recovering deleted notifications in FilterBox. This allows you to recover the last 20 of your notifications. Well, this is not a mind-blowing feature but hey, this is a useful feature to peoples like me.

You can also use this app to set down the rules of notifications in terms of dismiss, mute or post pond. You can also set the rules to customize the app notifications, display time to make your user experience flexible. It is a free to use app, but it contains in app purchases.

FilterBox – Pro Notification Manager

5. Daywise: Schedule Notifications. Be calm & focused

Daywise is a unique app and it uses a clever technique to reduce the annoyance of notification. After installing the app, you separate between the app notifications according to is notification. After doing this, you are done with the settings of the app. This app shows the notification that you chose to be important. The rest of them will be shown in terms of batches, say for example notifications after an hour.

This is a very useful app and it will definitely boost our productivity. You may be wondering, how does sending all the notification after few hours would boost our productivity. Well, the time you spend on turning on your phone each and every time on every notification is a lot. But, the time you spend on all the notifications at once is far less. Moreover, this helps us to stay focused on our work.

This app has a minimalistic UI which is very easy to use. So, you won’t get any difficulties on setting up the app. I have been using this app for a quite a long time and it has helped me a lot. For those who have your phones near you during work, this is the day wise for you.

Notification App

Daywise: Schedule Notifications. Be calm & focused

6. Floatify Lockscreen

Next up on our list is a very interesting app from Jawomo; Floatify. This app does a lot apart from notification management. Floatify has been built specifically as a lock screen app. But it helps in managing notifications. The main feature that helps to manage notification are, Quick Reply and Direct Reply.

Quick reply helps you to reply for the messages right from your notification bar. This is very useful feature because you can reply instantly without opening the app itself. This saves a lot of time. Secondly, the direct reply feature helps in sending predefined messages like “OK, thanks!” without typing. Both this feature helps in saving time and works fine on popular apps like WhatsApp, telegram and skype.

For more other details check out the app in play store. If you have any query or questions, visit the XDA forum about floatify. Hope you guys like this app.

Best Notification Apps for Android 2020

Floatify Lockscreen

7. DynamicNotifications

Dynamic Notifications is another simple but very useful notification app for android. You can set the custom notifications on your phone and you can also filter the apps. Apart from notification option you can also customize the swipe controls of your phone. Dynamic notification also works as the lock screen where you have smart features. For example, you can change your settings to make your phone not to light up on receiving notification. Well, this helps you during any productive time or at meetings.

There is something called Breathing notifications in which notifications reappear after custom intervals. This is just like showing notifications on batches. This is a very useful app and it will definitely boost our productivity. You may be wondering, how does sending all the notification after few hours would boost our productivity. Well, the time you spend on turning on your phone each and every time on every notification is a lot. But, the time you spend on all the notifications at once is far less.

This app is available in play store for free and you can use this app to boost your productivity.



Well, that’s all for the best notification apps for android 2020. Try these apps if you are trying to boost up your productivity.

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