What is ‘Under display selfie camera’. Explained

New inventions are showing there heads daily. Today we will discuss few things about the brand new under display selfie camera.

Recently oppo have released an official video where under display camera has been shown in the smartphone.similarly Xiaomi have also released the video where under display camera has been embedded in it. How is it possible. Maybe what are the technologies they have been used in it. Here are the views from scope learner.

People get addicted to selfie. So marketers have developed many type of selfie cameras. To the next level new you type of selfie camera new type of selfie camera has been introduced. In this type of camera, smartphones don’t have any notch or any pop up camera on it but the camera will be inside the display. This technology is developed to give a full screen feeling.

The idea behind under display selfie camera is came from the under fingerprint sensor which have been announced last year. But now it have got a lot of improvement where it gives accurate and fast results. Similarly it is a try to fix the camera under the screen.
While we are thinking about it oppo and xiaomi have released a video where a smartphone have under display camera.
They have a proof for it.

but if we look the video very carefully we can identify a camera inside the screen. This is because of the light emitting diodes of the camera. But how is this possible the camera will get disturbed by the screen.
We should understand a fact that the camera need natural and perfect lighting to give a perfect image. So we can place any transparent lenses infront of it. That is why the back camera of a smartphone have too many layers of glasses but even it takes a perfect image.

The problem with the under display camera is that the camera screen will don’t have a perfect transparency. Even if it take a picture it looks awkward.
This issue is solved by new OLED displays.

Yeah they are actually transparent and light-up of screen. It was a try by oppo and xiaomi to use this display in smartphones. But even if we use this display in smartphone the light emitting diode around the camera should turn off so that the camera gets a much better transparency.

However it looks great and cool it has the disadvantages. To build all this inside a smartphone there must be more layers of display which will make the phone look. It will increase the thickness of the phone which looks very crampy to hold it and the smartphone losses its design.

So, the transparency will not be that good as we expect. So they have to introduce more and more algorithms to process the image correctly. Also we cannot expect the image quality as we take from normal selfie camera. It is a big challenge to set a selfie camera under the screen. But if the implementation is done correctly we can get a better image. Also we have to remember that creating a new technology is not very easy so it takes time. But it is not too far from today.

You haven’t expected a fingerprint sensor under a display but it has been launched and completed its one year journey. Also we are not to far to see smart phones which have fingerprint sensors all over the screen. We can expect under display selfie camera in market very soon.
If it is launched in market it will be amazing day in life for the people who take lot of selfie.

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