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9 Best and useful gadgets: This will include gadgets and software.

Here are some mind blowing and useful gadgets and software which will become a fundamental gadgets to our life. 

Now we are in a digital world and we see our past as a nomadic life. Once, people were surprised to see a 5MB storaged gadgets. Those time people thought their period as a digital world and their past as a nomadic life. So, what the future will think about us is a nomadic life. They may feel weird that we used 5G  communication.

That time they would have 10th generation gadgets which is far better than ours.

Our present is the past to the future so, don’t mock the past at present.


#1 Breathing mask(Breaze)

The pollution from vehicles and industries are mixed up with the natural air and polluted our natural air.This polluted air will bring us a numerous diseases. This polluted air will cause diseases in lungs and blood vessels which leads to many other diseases. Deadly disease like cancer, asthma are also caused because of air pollution.The mixing of polluted air into fresh air cannot be stopped by a single man. But we alone can prevent breathing the polluted air.

This gadget named Breaze will help you. This gadget which is like a mask will purify 99% of the pollution from the air which you breath says Nelson labourity which is located in Americas salt lake.

Important features:
  • This gadget contains a small fan inside. So, don’t worry about breathing inside the mask.
  • This gadget runs with a rechargeable battery.
  • This gadget has a homogeneous glass at front so, the person in front of you can see you smile.

#2 Play inside a game.

Mostly students have smart phones instead of books. They especially use smart ones to play video games. Not only kids are addicted to video games. Even old men and women play video games in their smart phones.
There is a surprise waiting for these gamers from Facebook community. Facebook community have developed a software which will bring you inside a game. Yes, this software will record your body language, walking style and much more records about you. With all these records this software will generate a character inside a video game.

Artificial Intelegence plays a important role in this software. “Vid2play” is the name given to this software.

The working of this software is not complicated. For example you record a video in which you are playing tennis and you are uploading that video in vid2play software. This software will make all notes about you like skin tone, face expression, body language and walking style to create a player inside a Tennis video game.

So after launching this software you can play tennis with your own character as you in real life.Facebook community is trying to launch this new feature as soon as possible. we can expect that this software will attract all the video Gamers but we should not get very addicted towards video games so we will use it just for time passing.

#3 Drive is easy on snow.

People even face difficulty in driving on normal roads. Drivers also face hardness in driving on a damaged roads on the country sides. but there is a road which is more hard to drive than other. During winter Seasons roads get covered by snow. These roads are the most dangerous one because you wouldn’t know where the road starts and ends.

 The snow on the roads acts as a lubricant and reduces the friction so, if you try to stop the car by applying the break your car will not stop at the same spot it will just slide over the roads. This problem is solved by this new gadget. The “tyre chanin” gadget are available on market which is used to fix around your car tires. This tyre chain increase the friction of the tire and make drive easy. These tyre chains are available in different models. If you use this gadget then you need not to worry about Driving on a snowfall.

#4 This app will be a shadow of your life.

Parents don’t lose their panic until their child reaches home at late night. Also parents should be very careful about it in current situation. Even calling through a phone call doesn’t give them satisfaction. And if the phone call is not attended then they become very tensed at the maximum limit.

To solve this problem there are apps available on Play Store. They are categorised under family locators. There are a lot of apps on Playstore for such category but “life 360” offers many features.

 The interface and usage of life 360 is very simple and clean. What you have to do is just go to Play Store and install live 360 app after installing launch the app and it will ask your phone number, email address and name. If you complete your account details the app will brings you to dashboard where you can share your group link just like what you do in WhatsApp. If your family members or anyone you wish  joins your group you can track them lively on a map. By this feature you can check where is your children, whether they have reached their destination or not on a live map. 

As I said before this app offers features like:

  • you can create a destination point of any members on your group and check if they have reached the destination. You will receive a alert on notification bar if the reached. 
  • You can track your family members without messaging or calling to them.
  •  This app can also send emergency alert to everyone in the group and emergency control Centre if you are in emergency.
  •  you will be contact will your family in a very crowded area.

 This app definitely requires data connection and GPS connection. Life 360 also have an issue about spying each other.

#5 Filter the air inside your car.

The number of AC fixed cars are increasing day by day. So driving the cars with opened window is negligible. The air inside the car will keep revolving inside the car and no pure air will enter the car.

 This new gadget will purify the air inside your car and this new gadget can also purifier the outside your car even.  it works with a layering Technology where the dirtier enters the gadget and comes out as a pure one.

This gadgets is just 40 gram in weight but does a inncredible job. This gadget works with rechargeable battery and scientists have an idea to make this gadget bigger to clean the air on the environment.

#6 Drone security.

Robots are invented to reduce the amount of humans work. To the next level of robots a manless mini aircrafts named Drones are made for multipurpose works. These drones are initially used as a toy and it have also attracted a wide range of people towards this drones. But now these drones for helping humans.

 Drones are also used in military for weaving a particular area constantly and made it easy in film industry from aerial view to following Motion pictures. Now this drone gadgets will work as a security outside our houses. ‘Sunflower’ a Startup industry which is located in San Francisco have developed these drones which will fly around our house as a security guard.

 Drove a will automatically starts if the gate opens. At first it will recognise if it is a man or animal who have opened the door by its inbuilt sensors. If unknown person steps into the house then to the next instance these Drone gadgets will send alert to the mobile app. And it will not stop there it will chase the unknown person and rotates around him to take close video and sends to the mobile app in a live view. The house owner can know whether it is a thief or a friend.

 The industries which develop these types of drobes have fixed ab amount of Rs21000 per month for the security. By this we can know that we are not for behind to reach the stage of AI world.

#7 Charge your mobile while walking.

A man without a Smartphone is not even one out of 1 trillion. The number of phones is more than that of the world population. That is why it takes a good percentage in total power consumption by the world. Any smartphone addicter can forget to charge his phone at any instance.

 Your phone battery can dry up at any instant like sending or receiving any important messages or important calls. It can happen at anytime. so scientists have assemble a many type of phone charging gadgets which works on solar power.

You can see some types of solar mobile chargers in the image.

With this charges you can avoid the mistake of forgetting to charge the phones. you can charge up at anytime on outdoors and also they these charges have a battery inside it so you can store power whenever you want and charge your phone whenever you want. These gadgets are available in different models and different varieties you can choose one which works good for you.

#8 Parking role is given to robots.

We can blindly say that the one who drives his own call in this traffic world have a high blood pressure. There are people who get stuck on traffic and reaches their train or flight at the last instance with tension.

 It is definitely a challenge to Park Cars at this situation for any drivers. Even if they park their cars they face difficulty in Getting their car back because they forget the place where they parked their car with tension. To solve this problem a car parking Robo is introduced in lyon Saint exfury airport which is in France. This Airport is appointed a Robo which will take care of parking the vehicles in the airport.

 Stanley Industries have made this Robo which is in the size of a car but can lift a car. The passengers who needs to park the car at the airport can leave there are the primary Centre. This Robo will take care of your car. your car will be transported to the parking area by this Robo Automatically. This Robo is very smart that it will identify the day when you are going to return (this information is taken from your ticket) at the day of returning your car will be there on the spot where you left your car on the primary centre. By this method passengers will not get any tension in parking their cars.
Currently these robots are smart enough to park and store data of 500 cars. Scientists are working on it to increase the number of of cars from 500 to 6000. so this Robo is welcome to our society if it is useful in this traffic filled world.

#9 Link with LYNC.

We all have at least one friend who says that he is outdoor even if he is at his home. A small gadget named LYNC will reveal their truth. This gadget has a simple and clean look it can show you the distance and direction of your friend from your location. This gadget will work in a 3 miles radius. LYNC is small enough to use as a key chains.

This gadgets will be very useful to parents whose son or daughter stays late night. Gadget is very useful in places of high crowded area and to the mountain climbers. This gadget can stop students punking their classes. Upto 12 members can be joined at a time. LYNC works with rechargeable battery which will last 3 days for one full charge.

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