How to message others with unknown number!

Almost every smartphone user uses whatsapp. Whatapp is very commonly used because of its simple interface and many cool stuff like status video call ,  group video call and many more.

It gained its popularity at the beginning because of the very low data usage except for downloading and uploading. It was launched during the time when a message cost a Indian rupee. But WhatsApp provided a platform were you can send messag in a very fast pace with very less cost.

But we are not going for history of WhatsApp. In this post we will learn how to create a whats app account without any new number. You can also prank your friends with unknown number.

Requirements :

1. Parallel space.( This app can create a clone to your WhatsApp account and the cloned one is where you create a new Unknown number)

2. Primo( This app will generate a free phone number)

step by step process,, 

step 1:

create a clone to your whatsApp application with Parallspace app.

step 2:

Sign up to primo application and get a free mobile number.

step 3:

use the new number you have got from primo in the cloned WhatsApp and verify normally as you do for your older WhatsApp account. Now you are done and now you can just prank your friends with unknown number.

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