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15 Best App To Make Funny Faces On Pictures In Android

Hi there, this is Elango with another list of apps. This time I am going to list down the best app for making funny face on pictures.

During this lockdown period, people have gone crazy about pictures. Mainly they started to make sure that their pictures are looking funny. They try to make their own face look funny so that other people love it.

There are many apps with funny face filters but most of them are not good. Many of them don’t make your face funny but it just makes it wort. It just adds some overlays and drags the pixels.

We are here to help you guys out with the handpicked best apps for funny face filters. We have tested all of them and they work cool.

You can make funny faces on Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the popular apps in this category. So, I am not going to add it to this list. You may ask what app makes the funny faces on Snapchat. The answer is simple, the app itself got all the cool effects.

Instead of further wasting the time we will stick to the topic. Let us get into it.

#1 Face Changer 2

Scoompa has created a lot of wonderful apps and face changer is one of their best creation. This is the best app to make funny faces in pictures. Face changer has a wide collection of effects which make it the best app with funny face effects.

You can either take a live selfie or import from various social media directly to this app. There are many features but the main ones are like face swap, Morph Faces, Stickers, Instant replay, and fuse.

This app is packed with features to make funny faces on pictures. It is totally based on your creativity to create the funniest faces.

#2 Photos Alive – Jellify

Jellify is another awesome app for adding funny faces. This app comes with a creative Inbuilt AI which can recognize and bring your photos alive. The simple Warp, wobble and deform effects makes the photo to look funny.

You can also add funny effects to the image by magnifying selected areas. All you need to is, just import the photo is capture it. You can either select the areas manually or leave it to the AI, it will select automatically.

After the selection, just shake or tilt your mobile. You can see that the image has come alive. For some reason, it looks super fun. After creating your funny face effects, you need to share it right. You can share is either in video formate or by a GIF.

#3 Face Warp

One of the apps that have taken the hilarity to the next level. This app has a different concept of making funny faces. This is a camera app that makes funny faces. You can record a live video in it with funny effects.

 You can make funny video clips masquerading as a very strange looking individual or an alien. This app has a face tracking that keeps your applied effects in place even if you are moving from your initial place.

To use this app you don’t need any creativity, just launch the app and speak something in front of your phone. Face wrap will do its work. Believe me, this is the best app for making funny face videos.

#4 Photo Window: Photo Effects

This app comes with one main single effect, which is picture-in-picture (PIP) effects repeated to infinity. You can Improve your creation with the editor features. I had the taught which underrates this app. But you can create some of a wonderful creations with this effect alone.

If you do have some creativity, you can bring your images to the next level. There was one friend of mine who made his phone display into PIP effect. The image he made is super cool. So, it is fully based on your creativity in creating super cool images.

Apart from infinite PIP, you can Setup the effect in real-time pip camera preview. This may be the photo app for funny faces that you are searching for. You can share funny photos, selfies, or GIF animations into social networks.

#5 Face Changer Camera

A live camera app that can change the look of your image. There are a lot of overlays available that can be used as a mask on your face. You can use this app to create funny faces by Face Swap features. Live Face Swap between 2 people.

There are live stickers and special effects right from a skeleton to a wild tiger. Add them on your face. The best and free Selfie camera app with funny face effects and live face filters.

I personally use this app for a long time. I am very satisfied with the app. The face detection and face tracking work accurately. It can even track your eyebrow shrinking. Try it for once, I hope you like it.

#6 Funny Photo Editor

An app for funny photo edits as its name suggests. The overall user interface is very clean and easy to use. There are many stickers which you can use on faces to make it funny. Other options like editing the contrast, hue, brightness, and exposure are also available.

There is an option for downloading unlimited stickers online. You can change your friend’s photos with funny stickers like hair, mustache, spectacles and many more, etc. You can also create funny videos by adding animation stickers to your images.

I tried this app recently for this article’s purpose. I love the wide collection of funny stickers that are available in the app. We absolutely love this app. I have so much fun with it. Entertaining and has many options. A REALLY good app. It makes you look hilarious! Try it out.

#7 FaceApp – AI Face Editor

This is a popular app for changing the age of anyone in their photo. You can use this app even to look it funny. For some friend who doesn’t know about this app will find funny of their own photo. This is a completely AI camera so, you can finish your edit in few steps.

You can do many amazing things like changing the hairstyle, hair color.  Improve your selfie or just have fun with gender swap. The color effects on the selfies looks cool and you can add it to all of your photos to make it cool.

I have tried this app a long ago and I loved at that time and I have reinstalled it recently. Believe me, this app works pretty well even now.

Used to be the best for touching up photos in older versions, especially makeup. Images are now pixelated, gridded, and obviously filtered after anything is applied. But it looks fine.

This is the app to make funny faces on pictures. Try it.

#8 Monsterfy – Monster Face App Photo Booth

Another app by Apptly LLC with a user-friendly interface. Monsterfy changes any ones face into a monster. There are many face filters like a zombie, werewolf, vampire, and other scary creatures. This is one of the best app with funny face effects.

You can add 3D special effects on pictures to make them look cool. With the crazy animations, you can swap your face with a monster and bring that scary monster to life.

In my opinion, the app is fun and scary. Makes cute interactive videos. I would definitely recommend this app if anybody asks me ‘what app for funny faces?’.

#9 Really Real Rage — Stickers

If you are a fan of realistic stickers, then I would definitely recommend this app.
Real Rage comes with excellent features like photo-realistic heroes designed exclusively for the app.

This a very funny and creative booster app. A lot you make, a lot of your friends laugh. The free stickers are funny and you can use them in the app without paying anything. The resolution of the stickers is perfect.

Some times you may experience the sticker quality drop when you merge the sticker with the photo. In that case, there is nothing wrong with the app. The app matches the resolution of your original photo.

One of the best app funny faces-cartoon. I would definitely recommend it. Must try.

#10 Funny Faces Camera

This is a fun camera app on this list. The user interface is very simple but it has some powerful features. You change the mouths, eyes, ears, and other parts of the face. This app has masks that can be used to swap the faces.

This is one of the best apps with funny face filters to create a magnificent face in hole pics with cool photo effects. The fish eye effects make the picture more hilarious.

There are some additional features available in this app like adjusting the brightness and contrast for face parts separate.

#11 Selfie Camera Editor: Take Selfies & Edit Photos

This is one of the best selfie app available for phones. Just take a selfie of yourself or your friend. Load into this app and select the effects you need to add. I sound familiar but the app is really easy to use.

You can find a lot of funny stickers and funny photo filters in the app. The PIP Camera feature lets you create an impressive pic in pic photos. If you are creative, you can create tons of funny images.

There are various touch controls that you can use to edit the images in a fast phase. You can even alter the teeth color, skin color, and various other things. You can just make it maximum that will make the face funny.

#12 Face Changer Photo Editor

Face changer photo editor is the best app for those who want to show their creative work by editing. The app itself has plenty of effects and stickers, in addition, you can import from the internet.

There are various manual controls like changing the opacity shape of the sticker that will give more control over your editing. This is one of the best time pass application for those who love editing pictures. You can entertain your friends and family by creating funny pics for them.

I have used this app a while ago and felt good about this app. The sticker collections are excellent. Very good app, install and try it.


MSQRD is a camera app to create funny faces. It works generally like a normal camera app. But you can change the way you look in a swipe. There are various effects available in it that can be applied on your face.

You can have fun by creating a ton of funny faces and share via your favorite apps. It works on the face detecting technology which automatically tracks your face. The face swap works perfectly on pictures.

In the new update, MSQRD got the effect in which you can mask your country flag on your face. It looks super cool and you can use it in a few clicks.

Unfortunately, MSQRD is not available in the play store. However, I gave the official link of APKPure. You can download and install it manually on your phone.

#14 Face Swap Live

This is completely a face swapping app. You can either swap a live photo or load up from your device. Have you ever wanted to swap your face with your favorite celebrity, then this app is for you.

You can even record live video with face swapping effect. It works perfectly if you keep your face to be less shaken. Even if it goes wrong, there is an option to retouch the mask manually.

This is an excellent app with excellent features.  Probably the best face manipulation app that I’ve used. This is one of the best apps for funny face videos. I have used this app and it does what it needs to do.

#15 Image Faker

This is a fantastic tool, you will be able to create funny pictures. There are a lot of predefined pictures available in this app that can be used to add funny face filters. You can also create photomontages, photo art, and fun pictures.

There are tons of background images and stickers available. You can use background images like a street poster to fake your friend that you are on street posters.

Very simple and user-friendly interface helps us to add funny face effects very easily. Very good app, try it out by installing.

I hope you will like these best apps for funny face filters. If I have missed any app that you know, then leave it in the comment section.

Have a good day, thank you.

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