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10 Realme Watch-Software Features, Tips & Tricks!

hey, guys, I am ‘Elango’ from ScopeLearner and welcome to our full hidden software rundown of the Realme watch. If you guys do end up enjoying this post then please consider sharing this post with your friends.

Realme has officially launched its brand new Realme watch on 5th June 2020 in India and various other countries. We are here with Realme watch features, hidden tips, and tricks.

And let’s now get started.

1. Watch Faces.

let’s start with the watch faces, the default watch face shows the time the weather the date and a bunch of Fitness data.

Yeah, it is pretty good. But maybe you want something that looks a little more like a classic watch. Maybe a digital clock or something with a battery status indicator. This is one of the best Realme Watch features.

Well. we have six different watch faces that are stored in the watch itself. Just long-press on the home screen and then swiping right or left to choose a different one that you want.

We even have more choices in the ‘Realme Link’ app. You can access them by just clicking on the Realme watch on the app then click on the settings gear on the first card. Then go to the first option called watch faces.

From there we can choose a watch face and replace old ones on our watch. Currently, the watch can only carry six faces at a time. So you have to select the one we like the most from here.

For now, the choices are a bit limited at 12 pieces but, Realme promises over a hundred new faces in their update. Unlike other wearables, there’s no way to use a custom user-submitted watch face at this moment.

2. Calls and Notifications

Next up we will look at the options that we have on the settings menu in the Realme Link app. Here we have call reminders which are very useful features. Once it is turned on we can see the contact name or number pop up along with the options to mute or end the call. This is one of the best Realme Watch features.

We even get notified of WhatsApp’s voice calls. We even have a notifications menu in the Realme link. This controls the notification access and once enabled we can see notifications of any app on our watch. So by default, the watch supports many apps but we can go into more

3. Reminders

Moving on to the next options, we have is get up reminder. This one is pretty self-explanatory, we can change when the watch wants to remind us to go for a walk. You can also set the period for which the reminder is active.

There is an option that reminds us to drink water at regular intervals, just a simple on/off toggle and there is nothing fancy. We do have the 24-hour heart rate monitoring and we can set the toggle for it to walk.

It can be intervals of 5,10, 20 or 30 minutes. You can also just switch it off entirely. We can also select the high and low heart rate thresholds and then the watch will inform us if our BP reaches those limits.

4. Find My Phone

Next up on the list, we have is the ‘Find My Phone’ option. You can toggle it on from the settings menu and whenever you go to find my phone option on the watch, our phone will start ringing. Remember, this will work when it is connected to the watch via Bluetooth and also this does need an active Bluetooth connection between your watch and the phone in order to work.

5. Control Your Music And Camera

Next, we come to music controls that are available in the app. This option lets us control the music being played on our phone right from the watch. But here on the Realme watch, we have to dig into the app list and tap on music. By this, we can play or pause the track, increase or decrease the volume and of course skip tracks.

This works very well with very less response delay. We do have a remote camera by which you can control the snap right from the watch. to do this we need to have the camera app. Just open on the watch and then clicking on the shutter button on the watch lets a snap a picture. This is one of the best Realme Watch features.

6. Heart Monitors

next up we are the heart rate data clicking on it gives us a detailed view with more info like resting average and minimum as well as maximum heart rate you also get a chart with the heart rate zones at the bottom of this screen after heart rate we have the spo2 measurement and tapping on that reveals a similar chart with details at the bottom

7. Exercise Mode

We have the exercise logs for the next feature. You can also click on the ‘Exercise Now’ button and that reveals a google map screen. This shows a variety of choices for exercise type. This is one of a best Realme Watch features.

You can also fix a Google dependant on for either distance duration or calories. we can take a look at the map for choosing to pause or stop the exercise.

8. Things that you can do to Increase battery Life

Next up we have a feature that is done in the watch itself.

  • In the home screen to the left of it, we have this quick toggle page it shows connectivity and battery percentage on the top.
  • You also have brightness controls and the last one is for the battery saver mode. The battery saver mode reduces screen brightness and converts the Realme SmartWatch into just a regular watch.
  • Getting out of this mode is pretty easy. You can just long-press the side button to get out of power-saving mode. and jump back to our default home screen.

9. Swipe Controls and Gestures

You do have a lot of swipe control to access various features.

  • You can just swipe to the left of the home screen to quickly peek at the weather.
  • Pressing on the side button takes us back or we can swipe back as per usual.
  • Swiping down brings up the notifications and swiping up reveals the app list. As for the apps, first up we have workouts similar to the one on the phone.
  • We can click on any walk out of our choice and the watch starts recording the data.
  • We can swipe down to see the calories burned and pressing the side button allows us to end the exercise.

10. Meditation Mode

We have the activity log that keeps a record of daily and weekly exercises. In meditation mode, we can select the number of minutes we want to meditate, and then the watch regularly vibrates. This is one of the best Realme Watch features.

It starts setting up a rhythm for calm inhales and exhales. You also have a visual indicator on screen for each exhale and inhale. And at the end of the meditation, we can see our heart rate during the session.

And that’s all for this list guys. If you consider buying it, then you can always buy it from much online shopping. For this price, the watch seems to be a good option.

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