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10 Best Parkour Games For Android That Don’t Need Internet

Hey, Gamers! Welcome back to ScopeLearner. I am your friend Elango and today I’ll show the 10 Best Parkour Games For Android & iOS.

You can play all of them completely OFFLINE! So no internet?No problem!!!

You can find a lot of action games with parkour accent to it. We have handpicked the best ones and made them into a list. I hope you guys like these games.

Make sure to leave a comment about the list and now without wasting any time, Let’s get started!

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Here Is the List Of Best Parkour Games For Android:

#1 Time Crash – Full

First up we have a game called Time Crash, developed by 8sec Games. This game takes up around 100 MB of space. It is a package of an intense, fast-paced free running game with some pretty intuitive gameplay.

For a game made by a three-man team of devs. It’s pretty impressive to have a fully 3D designed parkour game with a storyline and
it’s very own original soundtrack to build.

You can experience an impressive stunt and dangerous situation while playing. Use your mind and do the correct stunt to move on.

One the best parkour game for android Must try if you are a parkour lover.

#2 Assassin’s Creed Identity

Up next we have a game from well-known Assassin’s Creed franchise called ‘Assassin’s Creed Identity’, published by Ubisoft games.

After your 970 MB download, the game takes
you to Italy during the renaissance, where you play as an assassin with gameplay designed to REALLY make you feel like one.

The platform across towns, scope out targets. You should select from one of four assassin classes that suit your playstyle. The game has got many amazing and impressive stunts.

Make sure to use them all in the game. This is one of my favorite parkour games for android of all time. Try it once, I am sure that you will get addicted.

#3 Sky Dancer Run – Running Game

Moving on we have ‘Sky Dancer Run’ created by Topebox Studios.

It is a pretty small 91 MB game that plays like most popular runner games. It is more realistic than Temple runs for sure. But with WAY more verticality to separate it from the rest.

I mean when a game is called Sky Dancer Run? You better expect yourself to be running off of dangerously high cliffs and platforms at high speeds, NAILING those landings…and that’s what this game’s about.

At first, I just wondered how does this much stuff goes into this small app. I enjoyed these games a lot. One of the cool things that I like about this game is the beautiful graphics.

Download From Play Store

#4 Parkour GO

For parkour game number four, we have ‘Parkour GO!’ developed by Andrew Koslov.

It’s a 100 MB game, level-based, 3D first-person free-running game. It takes A LOT of inspiration from Mirror’s edge. From its minimalistic aesthetic level environments to its smooth and fast-paced gameplay.

You can run across walls, vault over fences and jump across platforms and buildings AND climb up the leaderboards.

They also offer gamepad support for some serious ‘parkour-ing’. One of a fun parkour game for parkour lovers.

One of the best parkour games for android and it definitely deserves its place in this list. Must try.

#5 Vector

Next up is ‘Vector’, the 2D arcade-style platformed from NEKKI Studios.

The game is based on a totalitarian world where everyone yearns for freedom. you play as someone who breaks away from their shackles and is now
on the run.

The 91 MB game comes with 20 challenging levels to test your parkour skills through well-timed slides, vaults and wall jumps.

The game also has a ‘Deluxe Version’ that adds 20 more levels to scratch that side-scrolling parkour itch.

I believe that there is no parkour game list for android without vector. The beautiful graphics suits perfectly to gameplay and that is why it is so popular among android gamers.

#6 MAD RUNNER : parkour, funny, hard!

Up next we have the appropriately titled ‘Mad Runner’ by Oblique Line Studios.

This low polygonal runner fills up a mere 73 MB of space with a pretty simple objective.

Make your way to the end and don’t fall cause the floor is lava…well it’s water but it still applies.Anyway, the game prides itself on its intense difficulty as you either move left, right.

You can also jump across platforms and progress through increasingly challenging stages. As the name suggest, you should be a mad runner to succeed all the levels.

There are some impressive stunts out there. I like it. I hope you also like it.

#7 Smashing Rush : Parkour Action Run Game

The next parkour game on our list is the 65 MB ‘Smashing Run’ by Cold Soda Studios.

This is a 2D side-scroller that has only two moves; Jumping and Dashing. Time your jumps and dashes to make your way through all the obstacles WHICH ARE A LOT.

You should complete without touching ANY of them to reach the end. The game has a variety of characters to select from to play with and three different game modes to try out as well.

As it is a free runner game, it has some classic runner feel to it. So, try it out. Although it has only two controls, you should time them well to cross the obstacles.

#8 Vector 2

So, remember Vector by NEKKI studios from two games ago? Well, there’s a sequel around the same size called Vector 2. It comes with smoother slicker animations with a whole new dystopian world to run away from.

The game kicks it up a notch with improved animation, slicker graphics, and procedurally generated levels to force you to adapt and react fast.

You can also acquire and upgrade gear to improve your chances in this fresh new sequel. The main thing that is improved from vector is the cool obstacles like lasers and stuff.

But, I like always the classic one that is why vector 2 is lower than vector 1 in this list. Apart from that, this game is awesome and must try one.

#9 Tetrun: Parkour Mania – free running game

Next up we have one of the more unique 2D side-scrolling free running games out there. It is called Tetrun: Parkour Mania by Cableek games.

The 72 MB game lets you run up a tower that builds itself out of Tetris-like blocks that fall from the sky paving your way to the highest point.

You can choose your own look, learn multiple techniques that suit your playstyle. You can also compete with friends across leaderboards to drive
the competitiveness in you.

#10 Runbot

And for the final game on our list, we have Runbot by Genera Games.

Runbot lets you play as a runner robot that is well… “on the run” from dangerous droid cops in a 3D designed futuristic city.

In around 60 MB, you get an endless level with various game modes to test those free running skills. You can also upgrade your ‘Brobot’ to
make him sturdier and quicker to get those high scores.

The game has a futuristic feel to it which make it special out there. You can find a lot of new parkour skills in it. Hope you like it.

So thats all for today guys…hope you found some new games to show off your parkour skills!

If you think I missed a game make sure to let me know in the comments.

Also dont forget to share this to your friends.

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