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10 Best Offline Games Under 100 MB for Android

HEY Gamers, Welcome back to ScopeLearner and You are at the right destination for the Best Offline Games Under 100 MB out there! This is your friend ‘Elango’ and today I am here to tell some of the Best Smartphone Games Under 100MB’ that can be played completely offline! So No Internet? No problem!

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List of Best Offline Games Under 100 MB

1. Crazy Taxi City Rush

best offline games under 100 mb for android

We shall start our list with a hot high-octane racing game known as Crazy Taxi: City Rush. The game features a large city map with complete race tracks and that’s is the reason for this game to be placed at the top in this list of offline games under 100 MB. There are plenty of crazy routes and even crazier passengers and you would get their company more often. This 66 MB game was developed by none other than SEGA and hence it will definitely get your adrenaline pumping so hard. Put on some loud music and hit the pedal to the metal because Crazy Taxi: City Rush rewards speed above all else.


  • Automatic one-touch driving controls.
  • There is a new city to master your driving skill and explore some of the craziest drivers.
  • The all-new cast of crazy passengers is waiting for you.
  • Variety of special missions with crazy challenges.
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2. Dragon Hills 2

Looking for an over the top offline game under 100 MB where you fight zombies while riding a giant robot dinosaur. Well, this is the one for yourselves because Dragon Hills 2 offers all that and so much more. This 55 MB side-scroller developed by Rebel Twins that features everything from zombies and spaceships to cowboys and giant mechs. You also get fully destructible terrain and epic boss battles. Dragon Hills 2 is fun in its purest form; and also features eye-catchy graphics to boot! Yeah, this is one of the best offline games under 100 MB for android.

Dragon Hills 2 FEATURES:

  • The gameplay is super fun, fast, and furious.
  • It features a fully destructible terrain that includes buildings, bridges, vehicles, and more.
  • Epic boss battles, 28 towers to conquer, and 4 completely different and exciting worlds to explore.

3. Big Hunter

Next up we have a very popular game known as Big Hunter that is developed by Kakarod Interactive. This 67 MB dynamic physics game achieved a whopping 10 million downloads since launch. In Big Hunter, you play as a tribal warrior and get to fight against a variety of primeval beasts. Whether you choose the deadly axe, the spear, or the boomerang, your aim will have to be extremely accurate. If you hope to take down these gigantic creatures you should play very sensitive.

Big Hunter FEATURES:

  • This game has easy control with the addictive touch of hitting.
  • One of the few Hunting games that are based on dynamic physics.
  • The graphic is so simple but it is an outstanding graphic design.
  • Rhythmical game sounds allow you to play like hunting real animals and hence you would get addicted very easily.

4. Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush

You don’t have to love Christmas to enjoy this next game, but it helps. Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush is a 71 MB winter-themed arcade racer game that is filled with the holiday spirit. Developed by FeelnSide Games, Animal Adventure: Downhill Rush is pretty much what it says on the tin. You play as various animals and sled down mountains while completing challenges along the way. It’s a simple concept, but that’s what makes it so much fun!

Animal Adventure Downhill Rush FEATURES:

  • Attractive low poly designed graphics. Everyone who likes the low poly graphics must have to try this funny winter game!
  • Dynamic gameplay with the different obstacles including rocks, snowballs, car drivers, running bears, ice traps, barrels, and even the running trains. It makes the gameplay more dynamic, interesting and adds a lot of fun.
  •  Unique levels which are not like in the most endless runners. There is a big amount of the various levels you have to complete.

5. Sky Dancer Run

The next game on our list is a fantastic endless runner known as Sky Dancer Run. This 91 MB game is developed by Topebox. It can best be described as an adrenaline junkie’s wet dream. The game puts an interesting spin on the traditional endless runner formula by adding parkour elements to the mix. Free falling is also a big part of the gameplay and introduces a level of verticality that’s very rarely seen in the genre. This game deserves a place I this list and I can’t complete the list of best offline games under 100 MB.

Sky Dancer Run FEATURES:

  •  The graphics and controls are elegantly minimalist, though what really gets you is pulling off impossible feats again and again. 
  • Sky Dancer Run gives you take immense, invigorating, incredible, action movie-style GameY Most of the players got the skills to land on that platform far below. 
  • A fashionable sprinting game with a daredevil nature! It is one of the runner games that unfold the toughest challenge!
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6. Zombie Catchers

Next up on our list is Zombie Catchers, a very entertaining 83 MB action-adventure title developed by Deca Games. Just as its name suggests, your main goal here is to capture zombies. At first, you do this by using a harpoon gun, but gradually get to unlock more advanced weapons along with plenty of interesting gadgets. Once you’ve bagged a few zombies, you can sell them for parts or experiment on them in your secret underground laboratory! Cool, isn’t it?

Zombie Catchers FEATURES:

  • Hunt a lot of zombies to unlock interesting new hunting devices such as nets, weaponry, rifles that would help you to catch more zombies.
  •  The main as of yours is to hunt down zombies with your reliable weapon gun and tricky traps.
  • You can play completely offline so, no internet connection required.

7. Trials Frontier

Buckle up and start your engines because things are about to get wild. The next game on our list is the one and only; Trials Frontier, the mobile version of Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed bike racing series. The game offers over 50 hours of story-driven content and hundreds of unique tracks to blaze through. This 86 MB game will test your skills to the max with its fast-paced gameplay and difficult challenges.

Trials Frontier FEATURES:

  • The complete game offers you a PHYSICS-BASED GAMEPLAY and hence there will not be any fantasy incidence in the race track.
  •  It supports MULTIPLAYER / PvP GAME MODES, start playing with your friends before it gets too heated up.
  • There are 250+ UNIQUE RACE-TRACKS in the game. Therefore you won’t get bored by playing just a single map like most other games in this size.

8. Stickman Legends

Coming up next we have an absolutely beautiful game called Stickman Legends. Yeah, this is a stickman game that we have listed in this list of best offline games under 100 MB. What immediately stands out about this 75 MB action game developed by ZITGA are the silhouette graphics. The stark contrast between the game’s dark environments and its colorful characters creates a very unique aesthetic. Besides being pretty to look at, Stickman Legends is also very fun. The game features an action-packed combat system, well-crafted stages, and challenging boss battles.

Stick man Legends FEATURES:

  • There are TONS OF ULTIMATE ITEMS & POWERFUL SKILLS. You should learn new combos to beat the battle.
  • It comes with a STUNNING DESIGN, EFFECT & GRAPHICS. The light effects of blades and guns will make your eye addicted to the game.

9. Tank Stars

We’re cheating just a little bit here, like this next one weights exactly 100 MB. However, we just had to add Playgendary’s Tank Stars to our list because it’s simply that good to add in this list of best offline games under 100 MB. The game is minimalistic in concept but offers loads of fun. Here your goal is to destroy the enemy tanks before they destroy yours! Tank Stars features an in-depth customization system and an absolute truckload of crazy weapons to choose from. I guess I should say Tank load in this case.

Tank Stars Features:

  • There are masses of deadly weapons, everything for perfect annihilation.
  • It has a very Cool weapon upgrade to make you really powerful and break-back
  • You can find Epic graphic effects in between the battles.

10. Bomb Squad

We’re wrapping things up with Bomb Squad, a 63 MB solo project brought to us by Eric Froemling. Bomb Squad offers several different mini-games ranging from soccer to capture-the-flag. The twist is that players have a variety of bombs and other explosives at their disposal, which makes things a lot more interesting. I would never forget to add this game in this list of best offline games under 100 MB for android. The game also features advanced ragdoll physics, so expect to see people hilariously flying all over the place whenever an explosion occurs!

Bomb Squad Features:

  • Bomb Squad supports touch screens as well as various controllers. You can call your friends and can get in on the action
  • The graphics are very minimalistic which creates a very addictive environment while playing the game.
  • The game mechanism contains ragdoll physics that makes the players fly at the bomb blast

So, that’s all for this list of 10 Best offline games under 100 MB. There are a few games that are a little bit higher than 100 MB. I hope you guys liked this post and please ensure to comment if I forget adding any game that you know.


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