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10 Best Offline Games Like Free Fire For Android.

Hello to my fellow readers, This is ElangoEmperor with another list of games. Today i will list down the 10 best offline games like free fire.

Probably you may wonder why should I play an offline game like free fire. You may also think that already free fire is bothering me with 15 bots in one match and you are listing down the games which have 50 bots in a match.

Whoops, you called your self a bot, then this list is for you and kindly read the article completely.

Moreover, the bots are made with professional AI which can play at god level.

I hope you enjoyed my last post where i have listed down the best offline games like PUBG. Feel free to check it out by clicking here. You can also check my recent posts where i have told you about YouTube Vanced.

Free Fire is one of the best battle royal games in the market and even got its title as India’s battle royal game. But some times it feels like switching to another battle royal but an offline one. There are plenty of battle royal offline games in the store.

We have picked out some of the best ones which are like the best offline games like free fire.

You can even download these games to improve your aiming skill offline and then rock online.

Try some crazy tactics to get practiced and use them in the free fire. Some of the games that are listed below support both online and offline mode. So stay tuned and read carefully till the end. Let’s get started.

Best offline games like Free Fire:

Offline games like free Fire 1 :

#1 Swag Shooter – Online & Offline Game Like Free Fire:

offline games like free fire swag shooter

Do you wanna play the best offline game like free fire then you must try this game for once. I am using the word ‘once’ because you won’t stop playing it once tried.

Swag shooter supports both online and offline mode so you can play with bots as well as players. But you should know something, bots play better than some of the real-time players so feel free to practice with them offline.

Swag shooter has many features like free fire. The guns, cars, buildings, skins, and the map are looking the same that free fire has. Moreover, the user interface cannot be differentiated from free fire.

Apart from similarities with free fire the game itself is the best one. This game has a lot of features like fps mode, 3D sound effects, giving the thrilling experience of action survival battleground.

Swag shooter has something called modern customizable UI which will give you much more detail in graphics and being user friendly.

Download Swag Shooter:

Offline games like free Fire 2 :

#2 ScarFall : The Royale Combat:

gameplay of scarfall

ScarFall is also the best offline game like free fire. This game offers you to play both in online and offline mode.

Like any other battle royal game, the objective is to be the lone survivor of the island.

ScarFall is also one of the popular games like free fire which offers many awesome gameplay features as free fire. Starfall offers TPS (Third Person Shooter) and FPS (First Person Shooter) play with cool looking vehicles to roam around.

You can quickly move to the zone by using these vehicles. There are many game modes available in this game like classic mode, 4v4 squad matches, deathmatches, and many more.

You can play these modes both online and offline. You do have different slots for different category weapons like machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles, or shotguns.

So you can have distinct experience in this battleground survival game which is available for free

Download ScarFall From Play store:

Offline games like free Fire 3 :

#3 Blood Rivals – Survival Battleground FPS Shooter:

offline games like free fire blood rivals

Blood Rivals is one more best offline game like free fire. This game can be the best alternate for free fire is you are trying to switch between battle royal games.

You can actually play is game both online and offline in different modes and with different skins.

Kill the most and survive till end to become THE FATHER. This game simulates you into a very intense battlefield where you can find plenty of guns and vehicles.

You can actually explore trucks, trains, and cars to hunt down your rivals. There plenty of similarities between Blood Rivals and free fire right from the buildings to character abilities.

You can easily adapt to this game if you are moving from the free fire because of a lot of similarities.

You can even play it offline and change the sensitivity settings according to your need. Blood survivals deserve its position in this list of best offline games like free fire for android.

Download Blood Rivals from Play Store:

Offline games like free Fire 4 :

#4 Red West Royale: Practice Editing:

offline games like free fire red west royal

Red West Royale is one of the fun games to play which may not have a similar interface with free fire but the concept is the same.

Most of its users love the game just for the concept of spawning into the match.

It’s very funny to tell you but you will spawn into the map not by a monster plane or by a fast jet but by a donkey that kicks you and makes you slide in the air towards the battleground.

To get the right spot you should correctly position yourself before getting can actually build a wall in this game because it has Building System. You can actually feel the Highly Optimized gameplay in both online and offline modes. If you love western culture then i am sure you love this game because it has got the Georgeus Western Graphics.

You ride Mountable Horses instead of rough vehicles. The skins are very nicely made and there are epic Hero Skins which look better than some epic skins in the free fire. You can actually improve your skill in offline because you can play OFFLINE against professional AI bots without an internet connection

Download Red West Royale From Play Store:

Offline games like free Fire 5 :

#5 Guns Royale: Multiplayer Blocky Battle Royale

offline games like free fire guns royale

Guns Royal is a battle royal game just like any other game in this list because we are listing down offline games like free fire while free fire is a battle royal game.

But what’s the special feature that Guns Royal has which pushed this game into this list. This is a game have a feature where you can play matches in Augmented reality (AR) mode. You can switch on this mode right on your living room table and start battling.

This game is a pixel or block-like graphics game that will blow up your mind when you battle as hilarious blocky characters and show your style. There is so much thing to do with the AR mode in this game like finding the guns through your phone camera just like we did in Pokemon Go.

This is one of the addictive game which requires more planning each time to win the match.

Download Guns Royale From Play Store:

Offline games like free Fire 6 :

#6  Desert Battleground:

offline games like free fire desert battleground

In desert battleground, you play battle royal in the hot desert as the name suggests.

This game has the concept of Tactical shooter, Vast selection of weaponry, and ammunition which made to bring this game into this list of offline games like free fire.

However, the graphics of this game is not as good as free fire but it is decent graphics when we see its size of 95 MB. You can start playing this game even you have a smartphone with the Android version of 4.0 and up.

You should find yourself a good weapon because it is very difficult to manage without weapons. Prepare for battle and most important is to survive by least hiding into the terrain.

You will have to move very constantly because the hazard area or the unsafe zone is always moving which can kill you in a few minutes.

You can play this game offline and available in play store for free so feel free to check it out.

Download Desert Battleground From Play Store:

Offline games like free Fire 7 :

#7 Grand Pixel Royale Battlegrounds Mobile Battle 3D:

offline games like free fire grand pixel

Grand pixel is a blockish battleground where you can get a 3D survival shooting experience.

If you like the pixel graphics of Minecraft then i am sure you will love Grand Pixel Royale. This game has a wide variety of firearms and accessories which need a lot of skill to get used to it. The user interface is very simple and you can actually get access to any option easily.

There are multiple strikes and many characters to pick which have unique look. You can actually switch between FPS and third-person mode which looks fine. This game has got a new deathmatch mode which has now been raised to a thrilling and epic experience.

You may feel hard in controls at the beginning because the control buttons are placed in a different position. Those are not seen in any other battle royal games. You can get used to it if you play a couple of matches.

Download Grand Pixel Royale From Play Store:

Offline games like free Fire 8 :

#8 WW2 US Commando Survival Battlegrounds:

offline games like free fire ww2

You can play with an unknown army squad as world war shooting in various different modes.

This game has enhanced 3D Graphics & sound effects which look a kind of cool. You will get an improved gameplay experience to a wide range of weapon selection. From the latest update, this game has improved equipment for WW2 US Commando. In Fire Battleground Shooting mode you can get Free Firing gaming experience.

This game has one of the best action shooting experience in the WW2. US Commando survival war will keep you enchanted with many features like 3D audio, different character models, and many more cool kinds of stuff.

It has different playing environments like Ghost Town, Snowy Mountains, and Dockyards. The weapons and the outfits used in the game are very similar that used in WW2 which will make you feel like being in the world war.

Moreover, the game is just 66 MB and available for free in play store so feel free to check it out.

Offline games like free Fire 9 :

#9 Battleground’s Survivor: Battle Royale:

This game is one of the best offline battleground games which seems to be just like free fire.

Battleground’s Survivor is an action game in which you have to fight against other survivors to stay alive and survive and simply called a Battle royal game.

Every time the game starts, you will jump from a plane and you will land in the battleground and you must look for some guns and gear to be the lone survivor. Just like you do in a free fire. Currently, this game is working on improving its graphics and other optimizations to improve the game quality.

This game even has some of the features like battery saver mode by sticking the fps with 30 in gameplay. Dual render feature is available in this game which is a graphic setting and can improve the graphics.

Download Battleground’s Survivor From Play Store:

Offline games like free Fire 10 :


offline games like free fire gaint io

This is a game from the same developer of Red West Royale which we have discussed earlier in this list.

This is one another game that supports both online and offline mode. You can actually find tons of characters, skins, parachutes, chainsaws, real guns, and hats just like Free Fire. There are five different modes in this game in which you can face up to 30 enemies at the same time.

There are destructible trees and indestructible vehicles in this game. However, the map is not too big but at the same time, it is not too shabby. Currently, the game developer is working on to improve and add more environment and buildings in Island.

Many exciting game modes are available in this game which makes you stay focused on the game. Every time you do a kill you will get a special boost which makes you a GIANT and dominate the whole battlefield.

Note: All the games that i have listed above are not based on only my opinion that are offline games like free fire. I have ranked them in the order of best offline games like free fire to the game having the least similarity with free fire. So try the game that is ranked higher before trying the low ranked games.

Alien Hunter has helped me in choosing the right games. He is a pro player in Free Fire and Accepted this List. So I hope you will also love these games.

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